Financial Aid

We are pleased to offer scholarships to help support part-time study in the GLS degree programs. Full-time study, while an option for GLS students, is supported only through federal student loans and partial need-based scholarships for students who meet eligibilty requirements. The GLS program does not offer on-campus employment or TA positions.

The next deadline to apply for GLS need-based scholarships is Monday, November 7, 2016 at 5:00 pm.

We are currently accepting applications for spring 17 and summer 17 terms.

Graduate Liberal Studies Scholarships

  • Deadlines
      • Graduate Liberal Studies Need-based Scholarships: Monday, November 7, 2016 by 5 pm
        • Application is available above.
      • Teachers' Scholarship: prior to registering for first class
        • Please click here for the application.
      • Middletown Employees and Librarians' Scholarship: prior to registering for first class
        • Please click here for the application.
      • City Year: please contact
      • Teach for America: please contact
      • Veteran's programs: please contact
  • Graduate Liberal Studies Need-Based Scholarships
    • Students who are admitted to or are applying for admission to the degree program may apply for GLS need-based scholarships. Students applying for scholarships and admission at the same time must have a completed admission file by the financial aid deadline in order to be considered for the scholarships.

      The deadline to apply for need-based GLS scholarhips is Monday, November 7, 2016 at 5:00 pm.

      Students will be notified of scholarship awards by the end of the day, Monday, November 21, 2016.

      The application is currently available at the top of this page.

  • Teachers and Librarians Scholarships
    • 50% tuition discount; this scholarship is open to all GLS students, non-degree as well as MALS and MPhil students, who are full-time teachers, librarians, or administrators working in accredited schools in the following school districts in the greater Middletown, CT area:

      • Cromwell
      • East Haddam
      • East Hampton
      • Meriden
      • Middletown
      • Portland
      • Region 13
      • Region 17
      • Rocky Hill

      Apply now - please click here for the application.

      Teachers and librarians from other school districts are encouraged to apply for a GLS need-based scholarship.

  • Middletown, CT Employees Scholarship
    • Full time employees of the City of Middletown, CT, including full time employees at the Russell Library and Godfrey Memorial Library, are eligible for a 50% tuition discount; this scholarship is open to all GLS student levels, non-degree as well as MALS and MPhil students.

      Apply now - please click here for the application.

  • City Year National Service Scholarships
    • We are proud to participate in City Year University Partnerships program. 
      • City Year corp members, alumni, and staff may defer enrollment by one year if they decide to stay with City Year for additional time before starting their studies.
      • City Year corp members, alumni, and staff who enroll in a GLS Summer Term Course for credit are eligible for free summer housing (a maximum value of  $1620) on a first-come, first-served basis; preference is given to degree candidates. The Summer Housing Benefit covers only the time period of the course(s) in which the student is enrolled, with the addition of one day preceding and following the course(s). Additional eligible City Year community members may receive this award, subject to availability.
      • City Year corp members, alumni, and staff may apply for need-based scholarships under the same criteria as any GLS student.
  • Teach for America Scholarship
    • We also offer scholarships to Teach for America corp members and alumni.  Please visit for details - we are listed under "Teach with TFA" > "Salary and Benefits."
  • Veterans

Outside Scholarships

  • James Madison Graduate Fellowship
    • Students who wish to teach the American Constitution in a secondary school are encouraged to apply for the James Madison Graduate Fellowships. Please visit for complete details.


  • Other outside scholarships
    • Please visit the University's Outside Scholarships and Grants page for additional information on searching for other scholarships to support your studies at the GLS.

Monthly Payment Plan

  • Pay your tuition over 3 months
    • Graduate Liberal Studies has partnered with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to offer a 3-month payment plan. Payment in full is still due upon registration, but completed enrollment in the payment plan is considered payment in full for purposes of registration.

      • TMS will charge a $25 fee each term you sign up to use the payment plan.
      • Payments to TMS are made through ACH transfer only.

      For more information, please visit TMS at  As with any payment plan, please be sure you understand your rights and responsibilities before you commit to the plan.

      Please visit our Payment page for payment deadlines.

Apply for student loans if you need additional funding

  • Federal direct student loans
    • Federal student loans are administered by Wesleyan University's Office of Financial Aid. Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

      • Enrolled half-time or better at the GLS in the term loans are being requested (generally 2 or more courses)
      • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen


      • Students must email if they intent to pay for tuition with student loans so that the loans can be disbursed
      • Students who pay for tuition with loans must pay the non-refundable $100 registration fee at the time of registration
      • Loans are disbursed after the first week of the term
      • Students enrolled in the MALS final essay or project or the MPhil thesis are considered to be enrolled full time as described below; please email for additional information
        • MALS final essay or project: term or enrollment in the final essay or project
        • MPhil thesis: the term of enrollment in the thesis and all terms the student is officially working on the thesis

      For more information, please click here.

  • Alternative loans
    • Also know as private education loans, these loan products are not backed by the federal government. They ususally have variable interes rates based on Prime or LIBOR and rely on a credit review to calculate the initial rate of interest. Typically the student is the borrower; often a co-borrower is required to pass credit reviews or receive a favorable interest rate. Interest accrues from disbursement. These loans may not be included in a federal consolidation. In recent years, lenders have offered refinancing to convert the loans to a fixed rate. Each of our Private Loan Recommended Lenders offer an array of eduactional loans. To assist student in the selection process, we are using FASTChoice, an online comparison tool that will assist borrowers in deciding on a private loan that is best suited for their needs. For a comparison of the loans and borrower benefits, please visit our online Private Loan Recommended Lenters List. For direct contact information, see the list of lenders below. You are not obligated to choose any of these lenders. Wesleyan will process any approved alternative loan promissory note you submit. Borrowers must email with details about any pending application.


      Citizens Bank

      Discover Student Loans



      Union Federal

      Wells Fargo

Contact GLS Financial Aid

Mary Kelly

Office hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm or by appointment