E-Billing & Managing Your Student Account

Please login at any time to access your student account and review its features. In addition to viewing your student account activity and making online payments, features include: 

  • Real-time student account information, including payment and financial aid updates
  • Ability to generate custom account statements by term or date range
  • Student account integrated payment plan options
  • Ability to set up multiple bank accounts for student account payments
  • Ability to add multiple Authorized Users
  • Integrated international payment option via Flywire
  • Sign on with existing WesPortal login credentials

Monthly student account E-Bill notifications will come from no-reply@wesleyan.edu. To ensure you receive these important notices, please make sure you add this address to your safe senders list.

Once Logged Into Your Student Account:

  • You will be on the "Account Summary" tab listing the account balance and balance due.
  • Select the "Account Activity" tab to view up-to-date account activity by term and to generate custom account statements by term or date range.
  • Click on the "Statements" tab to view and print the latest tuition & fee statement.
  • Other functions include the ability to make payments or enroll in a monthly payment plan. Both actions will update the "Account Summary" tab in real-time.

An Important Note about Your Statement:

The e-statement is a "snapshot" of the charges, credits, and anticipated credits (pending financial aid or monthly payment plan) to the student account as of a specific date. This information is updated each time the student is billed. The e-statement does not reflect changes to the account that occur daily between billing cycles. To see that information, select the "Account Activity" tab.