How E-Billing Works in Student Account Center:

  • An e-mail announcing that the Student Account Statement is ready to be viewed online will be sent to the Wesleyan student e-mail address and that of any Authorized Participant (i.e. guest) that the student has created in the Student Account Center.
  • If you are a student, the link will take you to WesPortal, where you can safely log in to the Student Account Center by using your University e-mail username and password.
  • Once on the Student Account Center, students may set up a parent, spouse, partner or others as Authorized Participants who will then have access to view the statement, make online payments (see the section on Authorized Participants) and enroll in a monthly payment plan.  A student will need to have the e-mail address of the Authorized Participant to complete the setup process.
  • If you are an Authorized Participant, an email message will be sent to you from afford.com with a link which will take you directly to the Student Account Center, where you can securely log in.

Once Logged Into the Student Account Center:

  • You will be on the "Summary" tab listing the current balance on the account.
  • Select the "Account Activity" tab to view up-to-date account activity.
  • Click on the "Statements" tab to see the current Student Account Statement. You may print the statement for record-keeping, or for mailing payments to Wesleyan (address is on the statement).
  • Other functions include the ability to make payments or enroll in a monthly payment plan.  Both actions will update the "Summary" tab in real-time.

An Important Note about Your Statement:

The e-statement is a "snapshot" of the charges, credits, and anticipated credits (pending financial aid or monthly payment plan) to the student account as of a specific date.  This information is updated each time the student is billed.  The e-statement does not reflect changes to the account that occur daily between billing cycles. To see that information, select the "Account Activity" tab.