Campus Meal Plans

Wesleyan University Dining Services provides a wide variety of high quality foods in order to meet individual nutritional needs and preferences of students, faculty, and staff. Selections are carefully prepared fresh throughout the day - with many items cooked to order. A variety of services including deli, grill, salads, and dessert center satisfy the tastes of even the pickiest student. Dining facilities in the Usdan University Center are open from early morning to late evening, with food served from a number of specialty stations throughout the center.

Wesleyan Meal Plan Information:

* Required Meal Plan - All undergraduate students at Wesleyan are required to participate in one of the available University Meal Plans. Your WesCard provides access to all dining facilities on campus including those at the Usdan University Center and Summerfields residential board programs and all a-la-carte facilities.

2023-2024 Fall and Spring Semesters - The Dining Points included in all University Board Plans are usable at the following campus dining locations, but are not accepted at off campus locations. Use your Middletown Cash to purchase products and services off campus.

On campus Dining locations:

  • The Marketplace at Usdan
  • The Café at Usdan
  • Summerfields
  • Pi Café
  • WEShop Essentials
  • WesWings
  • Red & Black Cafe
  • Star & Crescent
  • Espwesso Cafe
  • Chique Chaque
  • Story and Soil within R J Julia Cafe
  • Cardinal Cafe

*Please keep in mind...required meal plan points (Dining Points) can be
used only at on-campus dining locations.

Please take a few minutes to review this important information.

Adding Additional Meal Plan Points to your Campus Dining Plan

If you find yourself in need of more points for those late night snack cravings that just seem to come
every hour, you can conveniently add points to your dining program by going to WesPortal/Offices + Services/WesCard/Add Meal Points and follow the instructions. The points will automatically be added on in 48 hours and charged to your Student Account.

Dining Plan Changes and Card Replacement

You can change your dining plan during the time period listed or during the  two week drop/add period each semester through WesPortal.  Go to WesPortal/Offices + Services/WesCard/Meal Plan Selection and the meal plan options available to your class year will be listed so that you may choose one.

Please be sure to report a lost or stolen card immediately on line at the WesCard website/eAccounts page where you can deactivate your card so it cannot be used.  If you find the card that you just deactivated you must come to the WesCard Office during normal business hours to have it reactivated for you. If you have lost your card, broke it or it was stolen, you must email the WesCard Office at to make arrangements for a replacement card to be issued which will be billed to your student account.