Top Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the price of the meal plan?
    The meal plan is covered under the Residential Comprehensive Fee that was charged on the student account for all meal plans.
  • Do meals roll over for next semester’s usage if they are not all used?
    Meals are for semester use only. They do not roll over. Leftover meals at the end of each semester are forfeited. First semester meals need to be used by 12/31/23 and second semester meals need to be used by 5/18/24.
  • How many meals can be used per week so they won’t run out before the semester ends?
    Take the number of meals on the meal plan you are on and divide by 15 (the approximate number of weeks in the semester) to get your result.
  • Where are both regular and guest meals used?
    Both regular and Guest meals  can be used  for breakfast, lunch and dinner during the week and brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday at the Marketplace at USDAN, as well as weekday lunches and dinners and Late Night dining at Summerfields. In addition,  meal swipes can be used for a meal equilvalency the Cafe at USDAN,  Pi Cafe, the Cardinal Cafe in Freeman Athletics for lunch and dinner and Weshop for lunch.
  • What is the wisest use of meals?
    The wisest use of meals is for dinner followed by brunch/lunch. These are the two most expensive meals on campus if purchased with declining balance points.
  • Do meal plan points roll over from semester to semester and year to year?
    Meal plan points roll over from semester to semester but not year to year. All declining balance points need to be used  prior to the university housing closing date in the Spring semester or they will be forfeited.
  • Where are meal plan points used on campus?
    Meal plan points can only be used on campus at the following locations: Espwesso Café, Café at USDAN University Center (1st Floor), Chique Chaque at Psi Upsilon,  Cardinal Cafe, Marketplace at USDAN University Center (2nd Floor), PI Café at Exley Science Center, Red & Black Café at 45 Broad Steet, Summerfields at Butterfield C, Star and Crescent Eating Club at Alpha Delta Phi, Weshop Convenience Store at Foss 2 and Weswings Restaurant at 156 High Street and Story and Soil at R J Julia Bookstore.
  • How about some information about Middletown Cash?
    Middletown Cash follows you for as long as you are enrolled at the university, but unlike an ATM card your funds are not available for cash withdrawal. When you run out of meal plan points, the system automatically defaults to Middletown Cash so you can continue to eat uninterrupted at the same on campus locations listed under the declining balance point information above. Middletown Cash can also be used at the followingon campus locations at USDAN University Center 1st floor vending machines,Campus Store at USDAN, and Wesleyan Station, Olin Library vending machines, Freeman Center vending machines  Espwesso Café, Rj Julia Bookstore, and in various dorms for vending. Middletown Cash can also be used at the following off campus locations: Avella’s Italian take Out at 232 William St. , CVS Pharmacy on Main St. Ext., Domino’s Pizza at 370 South Main St., It’s Only Natural Market, 575 Main St., Mondo at 10 Main St., Moonlight Sushi Bar Grill at 130 Main St., Perk On Main at 344 Main St., Sliders Bar and Grill at 1265 South Main St, Sweet Harmony Café and Bakery at  330 Main St., and Wings Over Middletown at 688 Washington St.  Please go to the WesCard web site at frequently to check announcements for new merchant updates.
  • If I lose my ID, what needs to be done?
    Go to WesPortal/Offices + Services/WesCard/ click on eAccounts, sign in then click on Card Services. Click on Deactivate Card to deactivate it.. You will receive an information box asking you “Report this card as lost or stolen? No one will be able to use this card after this action”. Click OK. You will receive a notice that this card has been reported lost or stolen. Click Ok. This freezes the card so it can’t be used. You are responsible for all usage on your WesCard. If you find your card, you need to go to the WesCard Office, USDAN University Center, Room 122 between 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Monday –  Friday to have the usage of the card returned to you. This is the only place that can reactivate your card. If you cannot find your card and need a replacement you need to email the WesCard Office at . the replacement ID card will be made and the wescard office will email when it can be picked up. The replacement fee of $ 20.00 will be billed to the student account .If the WesCard Office is shut for the day and it is during the week, please go to either to the office of Residential Life or Public Safety to obtain a temporary access card and temporary dining form. On weekends, please go to the office of Public Safety to obtain the above temporary items.
  • How do I properly care for my ID?
    Do not bend, crack or punch a hole in your ID as this will cause it to stop letting you into your dorm. You will need to get a replacement ID card at the WesCard Office for the damaged card at a cost of  $ 20.00 that will be billed to your student account.