Admission to the Minor

To declare the minor, a student must achieve a grade of B or above in a designated Gateway course.

Gateway courses

ARCP201 Art and Archaeology of the Bronze Age Mediterranean 1
ARCP202 Paleoanthropology: The Study of Human Evolution 1
ARCP214 Survey of Greek Archaeology 1
ARCP223 Survey of Roman Archaeology and Art 1
ARCP268 North America Before Columbus 1
Minor Requirements

The archaeology minor requires a minimum of six credits in archaeology. These must include

  • One designated Gateway course
  • One designated Thinking Through Archaeology course
  • One course in each of four areas (anthropology, classical civilization, art history, methods and theory)

For a listing of the different courses in each of these categories, please see Major Requirements.

To apply for the minor, please submit a declaration to add the minor through the Major/Minor/Cert Declaration application in your student portfolio.