For Junior Majors

Wesleyan Junior Spring Semester at School of Visual Arts in NYC

Wesleyan’s Studio Art Program now offers an opportunity for qualified Studio Art majors in their junior year to spend Spring semester as a full-time art student at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City.  Those juniors who seek this experience should discuss it with their advisor.  Portfolios and applications can be submitted anytime from August 30-November 15th for the following Spring semester, which begins the Monday prior to Martin Luther King Day.  Transcripts will be shared with Wesleyan and count towards the Wesleyan degree.  Wesleyan students will pay the normal Wesleyan spring tuition, room, and board to Wesleyan for the studio semester at SVA, and will not pay any fees directly to SVA. Tuition, room, board, and class fees at SVA will be covered by Wesleyan.

Wesleyan Junior New York/Paris Program

The Shape of Two Cities: New York/Paris Program is for undergraduate students and recent graduates from colleges and universities around the country. The program’s goals are to introduce the fields of architecture, planning and preservation; encourage their exploration in the contexts of history, theory and practice; and identify and analyze their interrelationships, especially in regard to the making of cities. The in-depth course of study is suited to students without previous academic experience in design who are interested in architecture, planning or preservation as a career, students in the liberal arts who are interested in approaching urban and historical issues from an architectural and urban planning perspective, and students with previous design experience who would like to develop additional studio skills in preparation for application to graduate school. All classes are conducted in English.

Wesleyan Junior Study abroad E.C.Co. program in Bologna, Italy

Students studying on the E.C.Co. program in the spring have the opportunity to take one class at the renowned Accademia di Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts), which offers a wide range of courses typical of a European Art school. Some of those courses may be similar to those offered on the home campuses, while others would supplement the Studio Art curricula of the three consortium institutions.

The courses at the Accademia are organized in different tracks (such as Fine Arts, Applied Arts, and Arts Education) and are taught on three undergraduate and two advanced/graduate levels. E.C.Co. students would enter a field of study on the level appropriate to their preparation (as evidenced by their portfolios), including advanced courses.

Courses are offered in the following areas of study:

Graphic Design
Product Design
Fashion Design
Comics and Illustration
Photography, Cinema, and Television
Scenography/Stage Design

Before coming to Bologna, students should consult with their major advisors and/or department chairs regarding the desired areas of study, their level of preparation, and the home department’s expectations for the work done off campus. They should also prepare a digital portfolio to present to the potential Accademia professors. Once in Bologna, students will work closely with the E.C.Co. Resident Director and staff, as well as an advisor at the Accademia, to identify a range of appropriate courses. Students will then have two weeks to explore these courses before making their final selection.

Courses at the Accademia are taught differently from the studio courses in the United States: they generally enroll more students and are somewhat less structured. Depending on the area of study, students may or may not have access to a designated studio space. Students will work on independent projects within a course guided by the professor and will meet with the professor for weekly critiques. In order to receive major credit in Studio Art at their home institutions, E.C.Co. students will be expected to produce a substantive portfolio of new work to present upon their return.

For additional information, please see your advisor and Emily Gorlewski at the Office of Study Abroad in Fiske 201.  See also

The Bernad J. Zawisa '49 Endowed Studio Art Award

The Bernard J. Zawisa '49 Endowed Studio Art Award is a fund for Wesleyan junior Art Studio majors about to enter their senior thesis year. Eligible students must be studying and working in one of the following disciplines as specified by the donor: printmaking, drawing, sculpture, or painting. The Award is to be used to aid in preparation for senior thesis. There is a pool of at least $5,000 to be divided amongst two or more students.  This grant is intended to offer opportunities for enrichment through travel, alternative educational experience, or 4 months of studio work.