About the Center

The Center for African American Studies, founded in 1974, grew out of the African American Institute that was established on campus in 1969. Located at the entrance to Wesleyan University at 343 High Street, the Center houses the African American Studies Program and the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Research Fellows Program. The Center is home to six faculty offices, a writing studio, the Mellon library/student office, a small conference room, and the popular Vanguard Lounge where classes, seminars and socials are held. 

Mission Statement

The Center for African-American Studies is committed to the academic, social, cultural, spiritual, and creative development of every member of the Wesleyan Community. We focus on being the backbone which undergirds the continuous growth of Black consciousness at Wesleyan and in Middletown. We are advocates of academic excellence, social justice, and personal and professional development for every member of our community. We will continue to work towards the advancement and permanency of Black voices.

Vision Statement

Helping our community flourish. Enhancement by advancement, one person at a time. Helping our community, greater Middletown and our country create an effective path toward a more perfect union of inclusivity and equality for African Americans who have supported and helped build this great Nation from its inception.