Friday, April 26, 2019 at 8:00pm
CFA Theater

$6 Wesleyan students, youth under 18; $8 all others

Saturday, April 27, 2019 at 8:00pm
CFA Theater

$6 Wesleyan students, youth under 18; $8 all others

Associate Professor of Dance Hari Krishnan presents his company inDANCE and Wesleyan students in an evening of dance, transgressing the boundaries of culture, race, gender, and sexuality during the Connecticut premiere of SKIN during the Spring Faculty Dance Concert.

inDANCE features an international cast of stellar dancers from Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and China; including Eury German '16 in his first season with the company. He first learned to dance when he came to Wesleyan, and is currently a professional dancer working in New York City, performing in the works of several well-known choreographers. These performances of SKIN will also include six Wesleyan students: Mickey Kieu '19, Amira Leila '20, Gita Ganti '21, Aditi Mahesh '21, Luna Mac-Williams '22, and Spenser Stroud '22.

"Hari Krishnan, the maverick gadfly is aggressively iconoclastic (and) a Very Naughty Boy (who) scoff(s) at tradition, turn(s) things upside down and shake(s) out all the cobwebs."
Toronto Star

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Listen to a conversation between Hari Krishnan, inDANCE company members Roney Lewis and Eury German '16, and current Wesleyan students Luna Mac-Willliams '22 and Mickey Kieu '19, moderated by Dean of the Arts and Humanities and Associate Professor of Dance, Environmental Studies, and African American Studies Nicole Stanton, from the Center for the Arts Radio Hour: 

Listen to a conversation with Director of the Center for the Arts Sarah Curran and Associate Director for Programming and Performing Arts Fiona Coffey about some of the highlights of the spring 2019 season at Wesleyan on the Center for the Arts Radio Hour:



Cynthia Novack in Memoriam Lecture: "THAT'S SO QUEER! THAT'S SO ETHNIC! THAT'S SO FOREIGN!"

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 at 2:50pm
Cross Street Dance Studio, 160 Cross Street, Middletown

Dismantling assumptions and stereotypes in the global world of inDANCE

inDANCE's Roney Lewis, Xi Yi, Paul Charbonneou, and Eury German '16 will speak about the Spring Faculty Dance Concert, SKIN, and its inherent aesthetic and socio-political representations about queer sexuality and cultural appropriation as part of the Cynthia Novack in Memoriam Lecture. The lecture will be in a format of a conversation moderated by Associate Professor of Dance Hari Krishnan. The speakers will also embody this conversation with movement demonstrations.