Teaching Resources

Through Languages Resources and Technology, the FCGS supports and facilitates the integration of technology in the teaching of languages and cultures. The repository available through this web site features technology tools and resources which we support and examples of their use in the context of the teaching of languages and cultures. Some examples include interviews with faculty describing some of the activities and assignments they have been implementing and discussing why and how they are using them. Each resource includes contact information and links related to the topic being discussed.

The goal of this repository is to:

  • facilitate the dissemination of ideas for activities implemented by faculty in the languages and classics departments
  • enhance faculty collaboration by providing a convenient way to identify areas of expertise among faculty from different departments
  • promote the use of innovative technologies in the teaching of languages and literatures

If you have any question or would like to discuss the possible uses of technology in your language class, please contact Emmanuel Paris-Bouvret, Director of Language Resources and Technology.