Why Study Abroad?

Wesleyan students commonly identify their study abroad experience as among the most meaningful of their Wesleyan career, and they speak with enthusiasm as to how the experience enhances their learning after returning to campus. Below are some of the common benefits Wesleyan students 

  • Intercultural Understanding

    A meaningful cross-cultural experience sharpens our understanding of ourselves in relation to the world in which we live. We hope that study abroad will spark within you an intense interest in preserving the world and its cultures.  

  • Academic Credit

    You will automatically receive credit toward your Wesleyan degree for all liberal arts courses taken abroad. You can also earn credit towards a major, minor, and certificate abroad. Study abroad is also a great opportunity to explore fields outside of your major discipline and try something entirely new.

  • Financial Aid

    If you receive Wesleyan financial aid, your aid goes with you on semester and year-long study abroad programs. Work-study is also replaced by a grant that will be included in your financial aid award for your term abroad.  

  • Language Learning

    One of the most meaningful and responsible ways to engage with another culture is through language acquisition. Alumni who have studied abroad through the medium of a foreign language overwhelmingly identify the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence achieved thereby as their greatest sources of satisfaction regarding their university experience. 

  • Professional Development

    In all industries, employers are eager to hire people who have cross-cultural adaptation skills. Many study abroad programs also provide opportunities for research and internships, which look great on a resume and provide valuable professional connections.
  • Increased Independence

    Study abroad is a time of immense personal growth for many students. It is also one of the most challenging learning experiences available to Wesleyan students and, consequently, it can be singularly rewarding.