Center For Prison Education

Offering a High Caliber Liberal Arts Education Inside Prison Walls

Since 2009, the Center for Prison Education has brought the transformative power of the liberal arts into Connecticut’s prisons, offering incarcerated individuals the opportunity to take Wesleyan courses taught by Wesleyan faculty and receive college credit for their efforts. By extending the Wesleyan community and its resources into Connecticut’s prisons, the Center helps to cultivate scholars and citizens who will be assets to their families and communities, both before and after their release.

Held to the same standards as any Wesleyan undergraduate, the success of the Center’s students demonstrates the potential of this underserved population to succeed in even the most demanding academic environment. In 2016 the Center launched an innovative public-private partnership with Middlesex Community College whereby students take a mix of courses rostered at either institution and may earn an Associate degree in recognition of their work.



For more information you can view the full version of the Center for Prison Education Video.