Dining at Wesleyan

Coronavirus (COVID-19) DINING UPDATES:

Bon Appetit is committed to providing nutritious dining for students who remain on campus.  As we navigate the best possible dining scenario in this emergency situation we want to make sure students understand this means that we cannot operate all venues or serve the number of options they are accustomed to during normal operations.  

With this in mind, the decision has been made that the Usdan Marketplace will be the only dining venue on campus to remain open. While we understand that students prefer to have options, we have factored in the safety and well-being of our staff and the campus community, the availability of staff and products, and our ability to provide to-go options, and believe this meets the needs of the remaining on-campus student population. Usdan Marketplace will be open 11am-1pm and 5-7pm daily. 


Q: I have an allergy or dining intolerance, what do I do if I remain on campus?

A: If you have a particular allergy or eating intolerance and have been working with a Bon Appetit team member for your dining needs during the regular semester, nothing has changed.  Please continue to reach out to your designated Bon Appetit manager for support in selecting your to-go meals.

Q: Why haven't the dining staff started wearing masks?

A: A few of you have expressed concerns over dining staff not wearing masks.  We thank you for your concern, however, we are monitoring all recommendations coming out from the CDC, the WHO, and the State of Connecticut. Currently, according to the CDC, only health care professionals and individuals who are already sick should be wearing masks. As recommendations and requirements from these agencies change, we will update our practices.

Q: I have permission to remain on campus but I don't want to eat at Usdan.  Can I get a refund for my dining points?

A: Students who have left campus will get a 50% refund for the Residential Comprehensive fee which includes housing and dining. Any points you had remaining will not role into the Fall semester.  Students who remain on campus will utilize remaining meal plans in Usdan Marketplace as per the original FAQ's that were sent out when petitions to remain on campus were first published.

Q: I used points for the local co-op in February.  Can I get them back?

A. If students signed up for the Local Co-op in the beginning of the semester and have moved off campus, the RCF refund includes your co-op refund.  If you remain on campus the amount you used for the co-op was rolled back in to your meal plan.

Q: Can I donate my remaining points to a fund or a person.

A: Remaining points cannot be donated.  If you remain on campus you will need them for your dining needs and if you have moved off campus you will get a refund for dining as part of the RCF refund.

Q: Are any of the non Bon Appetit eateries open (WesWings, Red & Black, Espwesso, Star and Crescent)?

A: All other eateries affiliated with the university are closed.

Q: What happens if I stay on campus and run out of meals/points?

A: Based on a report of students dining accounts at this point in the semester we do not believe this will happen.  However if you find yourself in this situation, please email dining@wesleyan.edu and we will evaluate next steps for you.  You will not go hungry!


Marketplace Dining Process: 

In concert with Bon Appetit Management Company and Connecticut State guidelines, we are moving to all “to-go” packaging of meals effective March 17, 2020.

  •  Please proceed to cashier station and swipe points or meals;
  • Upon entering Marketplace, please tell the server what you would like for your meal. They will package your choice in a to-go container;
  • All self-serve is closed;
  • All fountain beverages have been discontinued; only bottled or pre-packaged beverages are available;
  • No re-usable containers/cups are currently being permitted;
  • We encourage all students to take your meal back to your residence hall;
  • If you elect to remain in Usdan for your meal, please practice appropriate social distancing of at least 6’ between individuals.








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The spring semester meal plan ends on May 16th following brunch as originally scheduled.  Please check back here for information regarding dining options that may be available from 5/17-5/31 and over the summer.  If a dining plan is offered it will only be available to students who have permission to remain on campus.  Cost and dining options are currently to be determined.