Veterans Program Information

Veteran Scholars are sometimes in a unique position when it comes to selecting a meal plan.  The following requirements will help you to make the best choice possible:

  • Initial meal plan selection must be made the summer prior to your first semester; students should use their WesPortal each subsequent semester to check their meal plan designation and to confirm it is the correct plan
  • Freshman Veteran Scholars living on campus will automatically be assigned the Premier Plan as that is the normal plan for Freshman; Sophomore Veteran Scholars will automatically be assigned to the Sophomore Plan (250 meal swipes/$520 points; HOWEVER:
  • Veteran Scholars living on campus can choose any of the meal plans available.  Because you will default to your class year designated meal plan, if you want to select one of the other plans you must make that request no later than the last day of drop add to be switched to that plan. You must email (Michelle Myers-Brown) and request a change in writing (email).
  • Veteran Scholars who have received a waiver from housing may request a waiver from the meal plan as well, although a waiver from housing does not guarantee waiver from the meal plan.  Freshman Veteran scholars are all required to be on a meal plan regardless of housing location.  We can, however, help you with a commuter meal plan which will be a partial points plan and will reflect a discount for your dining costs as well.
  • Beginning Sophomore year, Veteran Scholars living on campus can opt to be removed from the meal plan altogether.  Again, this request must be made in writing to the above email no later than the last day of drop/add
  • If you request a waiver from the meal plan and it is granted, you will not be able go back onto the meal plan in subsequent semesters
  • All requests for changes to the meal plan must be received no later than 5pm on the last day of the Drop/Add period for that given semester.