Places to Eat - Fall 2021 

Usdan Marketplace

Located on the second floor of Usdan; Meal swipe, points, middletown cash, credit card accepted. Diners cannot swipe, eat, leave and come back within the same meal and eat again in the original swipe.
Hours: M-F Breakfast 8am-10:00m, Lunch 11am-2pm, Dinner 5-8pm, Sat.-Sun. Brunch 11am-2pm, Dinner 5-8pm

Daniel Family Commons

The Daniel Family Commons, located on the third floor of the Usdan University Center offers a spacious dining area with windows along two walls.

DFC Dining policies:

Just as a reminder the following are the reservation and dining policies at the Daniel Family Commons.  These have been formulated so everyone can have the best possible experience .

 -Reservations for the Daniel Family Commons (DFC) should be made by mailing at least two business days in advance. Students cannot make reservations for the DFC.

 -Table capacity is 6 so reservations should be planned accordingly. Furniture will not be moved to accomodate larger groups as this affects the rest of the dining period and patrons.

 - If you must cancel a reservation, please do so no later than 10am on the day of your reservation so that others may access the held table. Cancellations should be sent to the same email as reservations.

-The Faculty-Student program is one where faculty are encouraged to bring up to 3 students with them to continue conversations from class.  The host faculty member must be present with the students for the meal.

-Groups not utilizing the Faculty-Student program can still enjoy the DFC and use cash, credit, Middletown cash, and university P-cards.  Reservations should be made for these groups and should not exceed 6.

-Student meal plans will not work in the DFC

-Reservations for larger groups will only be considered for special holiday lunches and other rare occasions in consultation with the Director of the Usdan University Center.

-Faculty wishing to share a meal with a larger group of students should plan to do so by utilizing one of their free meal swipes at the Usdan Marketplace. Table reservations are not available in Marketplace but unless you plan on dining during peak periods (11:45-1pm) there should be plenty of seating. 


Located in Butterfield C. Meal swipe, points, middletown cash, credit card accepted.
Hours: M-F 11am-9:30pm; Late Night (daily) 9:30pm-1am; S-Su Dinner 5:00-9pm, late night 9:30pm-1am

Usdan Cafe

This a la carte café features a variety of grab-and-go salads, sandwiches, coffees and specialty beverages.
Hours: Open Mon.- Fri. 8am - 8pm; Sat. - Sun. 10am - 8pm Points, credit card, Middletown Cash accepted.

Pi Cafe

Located in the Exley Science Center lobby and features Pierce Brothers Coffee and other specialty drinks.
Hours: Hours TBA. Points, credit card, Middletown Cash accepted

Weshop Essentials

Wesleyan's own mini market provides a large inventory of premier national, regional and local brands, ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat organic, Halal and Kosher selections, bulk food items such as nuts, grains, legumes, coffees, rice, flour and more. Items in WesShop are provided by local companies such as Ronnybrook Farms so that the quality is of a higher caliber than a regular grocery store. Weshop is a convenient store and therefore cannot compete with larger grocery stores prices such as Price Chopper.  WesShop is for the essentials and quick pick up items. points should still be primarily used at the traditional dining locations on campus for the bulk of your dining needs.
Hours: TBA. Points, credit card, Middletown cash accepted

Dining Options not managed by Bon Appetit: (prices and policies at these locations are not managed by Wesleyan University)