Students with life-threatening food allergies who may need to use an epi-pen should be carrying their own.  Dining Services staff is NOT trained to administer epi-pens and CANNOT provide or administer them. Students should make appropriate people (i.e. roommates, friends, Resident Assistant/House Manager, etc. aware of their conditions so people can react effectively should emergency medical services be needed.  Student with severe allergies should also register with the Office of Academic Resources prior to arriving on campus.

Know that dining services cannot always make special accommodations without prior notification to the dining management team who works with students on these concerns.

Students must also be aware that there are some dining locations on campus that are not a part of the dining by Bon Appétit and therefore do not fall under the campus dining requirements. These facilities include: WesWings, Espwesso, Red and Black Café, Star and Crescent. Student electing to eat in these venues should check with the individual management to learn about their safety standards.