Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions were generated by students and parents as they navigated the meal selection process, changes to plans, additions to points, etc.

  • Please explain the points and meal plans.

    Meal plans are made up of combinations of meal swipes and points or all points plans.  Meal swipes can be used at Marketplace and Summerfields, points can be used at all Bon Appetit dining locations. 

    Freshman have the ability to go to their portfolio and choose from the 140 block plan, the 170 block plan, the 215 block plan or the 285 block plan (additional $300 per semester)

    Sophomores will be able to go to their portfolio and choose from these same plans as well as a a fifth plan(Block 110/$871 points per semester) that is only available to sophomores, juniors and seniors.

    The other plan is an All Declining Balance Plan which is only available to juniors and seniors. Juniors and Seniors also have access to a 50 block plan ($1408 points) geared toward a more flexible work schedule many upperclass students have (internships, etc.). Meal plan costs are included in the Residential Comprehensive Fee except for the additional cost of the Block 285 meal plan.

    As part of the block plan, each student has Eight guest meals built into their plan. This allows students to have multiple meal swipes in a given meal period, up to Eight times**, in the event they have guests. This is automatically built into each block plan but if you choose not to use them as guest meals you may use them as a regular meals over the course of the semester. When not using guest meals students may only swipe their card once within a given meal period. The meal plans do not currently factor in break periods as dining services are not available for the few students who remain on campus during breaks. During some breaks the WesShop will remain open so that students can use points.


    **Frosh arriving during NSO should plan on utilizing two guest meals for their parents at lunch on arrival day.

    Here is a summary of the meal plan information for 2019-2020: In general a point is equal to $1

    Block 140 MEALS/$612 POINTS PER SEMESTER (averages 9 meals per week)

    Block 170 MEALS/$352 POINTS PER SEMESTER (averages 11 meals per week)

    Block 215 MEALS/$127 POINTS PER SEMESTER (averages 14 meals per week)

    *Block 285 MEALS/$64POINTS PER SEMESTER (averages 19 meals per week)

    *Additional cost of $300 per semester

    The following plan is only available to sophomores, juniors or seniors:

    Block 110 MEALS/$871 POINTS PER SEMESTER (averages 7 meals per week)

    Dining services is closed during Fall Break and Thanksgiving break. The meal plan calculations factor in these closings.

    The following plans are only available to juniors and seniors:

    Block 50 Meals/$1,408 POINTS PER SEMESTER


  • How do I determine what plan I need?

    This is one of the hardest adjustments students make when coming to college!  At home most students are used to breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks whenever they want.  Typically, parents believe their student will want these same options at college but rarely do students actually follow that kind of schedule. Classes, programs, clubs, athletics, events, etc. interrupt the schedule that would allow for three meals a day. Portions of all you can eat also make balancing three meals a day challenging.  Most freshmen elect the 140 plan (140 meals/612 points) and most sophomores elect the 110 plan(110 meals/871 points).  When those meals are selected we have a high percentage of complete use (remember, points roll from fall to spring semester but meals do not). Students unsure of how much they will eat and what their schedule will look like should select the plan they think will meet their needs, track their usage during the first few weeks and make changes to their plan before the change deadline expires.  This is usually within the first two weeks of classes.  Changes cannot be made after the deadline has passed; no exceptions. Deadlines are posted on students WesPortal and the WesCard home page as well as linked through this website.

  • I see that with the meal plans, you purchase a number of meals, however, if there are 21 meals in a week (7 days X 3 meals/day) X 15 weeks in a semester, that comes to 315 meals/semester. None of the meal plans offer this amount. Why?

    There are 19 meals served at the Usdan marketplace per week; this is the main cafeteria facility on campus and has the most options. Monday through Friday breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. On Saturday and Sunday we offer brunch and dinner. If a student desires 19 meals per week we offer one meal block plan that will meet this need – the 285 meal block plan averages 19 meals per week plus $64.00 in points. This plan is a premium plan and costs an additional $300.00 per semester above the regular RCF.

  • How do I budget my meals and points appropriately?


    Students have asked for a chart that helps them plan out meals and point spending:


    ALL (126.87 week)

    110  (58.07 week)

    140 (40.80


    170 (23.47 week)



    285  (4.27 week)

    50 (93.87 week)

    WEEK 1








    WEEK 2








    WEEK 3








    WEEK 4








    WEEK 5








    WEEK 6








    WEEK 7








    WEEK 8








    WEEK 9








    WEEK 10








    WEEK 11








    WEEK 12








    WEEK 13








    WEEK 14








    WEEK 15










    The above spreadsheet represents how many meal plan points should be left week by week to get through the semester.

  • Where can meals be used and where can points be used?

    There are 19 meals served at the Usdan marketplace per week so there shouldn’t be situations in which a student doesn’t use meals unless they are choosing not to use them.  The Marketplace opens at 7:45AM and closes at 8PM each weekday with short periods between meals that the dining hall closes to change over for each meal period. Meals or points are accepted in this location. In addition Summerfield’s is another location that accepts meals or points (lunch and dinner). The Usdan Café and Pi Café offer hours throughout the day and into the evening for a la carte point purchase options. Lastly, Usdan Marketplace offers late night dining from 9:30PM-1:00AM each day for another option for points. Students can also shop in Wes Shop using points. There is a lunch option available at Wes Shop that you can use a meal swipe for as well.

  • What are Guest Meals?

    As part of each block plan, each student has eight guest meals built into their plan. This allows students to have multiple meal swipes in a given meal period, up to eight times**, in the event they have guests. This is automatically built into each block plan but if you choose not to use them as guest meals you may use them as a regular meals over the course of the semester. When not using guest meals students may only swipe their card once within a given meal period*(please see multi swipe faq for additional information).  Tracking meals used can become confusing because of the guest meals since they do not show up on your receipt which tracks usage. For example if you have the 140 plan, on the first meal swipe of a semester it will show that you have 131 meals remaining; what it doesn't show is that you also still have 8 guest meals. This can be confusing so students should take note of this anomaly and not rely only on the receipts. All meals including the guest meals will reflect within the students portfolio.


    **Frosh are expected to use up to two of their guest meals for parents/guests on NOS for lunch

  • What is the best value for point usage?
    Meals should always be used first since points roll from Fall to Spring semester and meals do not.  That said, breakfast is the least expensive meal and dinner the most costly so if a choice between a block meal and points needs to be made, breakfast is the most economical use of points within the dining venues accepting meals and points.  For a "grab and go" option, Weshop groceries provide the most value for students use of points versus pre-packaged meals at the various fast food options around campus.
  • Can I eat multiple times in a meal period in Marketplace?
    When dining in Marketplace you may have multiple servings while you remain within the facility. You CANNOT swipe in, eat, leave and return during the same meal time period and eat again on that same swipe.  If you leave and return then you must pay for a second meal. For example, you cannot swipe a meal at 11:30am, eat lunch, leave and come back at 2:45 to eat again on that same, original swipe. You would have to pay again.
  • Can I swipe multiple times in a meal period?

    As part of each block plan, each student has eight guest meals built into their plan. This allows students to have multiple meal swipes in a given meal period, up to eight times, in the event they have guests. This is automatically built into each block plan but if you choose not to use them as guest meals you may use them as a regular meals over the course of the semester.

    Additionally, following Thanksgiving break and running through the last meal of Fall semester, and during the Spring semester starting on the first Monday of May and running through the last served meal of the regular semester, students will be able to have unlimited swipes in a given meal period. This allows students to use up their meal swipes more effectively before losing them.  Students may also use these meal swipes as guest meals and may pay for another persons meal.

  • Do I lose meals if I don’t use them in a week?

    The block meal plan is set up so that it is cumulative within a semester.  Therefore if, for example, you have the 110 plan, which would average 7 meals per week, and you only use 3 meals this week, it just means that the following week you can have 11 meals. Or you can have 14 meals this week and next but eventually you will run out of meals.  However, at the end of each semester any meals you have not used are lost, they do not carry over into the spring semester. Points on all plans are transferable from the fall to spring semester; points remaining at the end of the spring semester are not refundable.

  • Why does a student purchase a combination of a meal plan and points?

    Students who are on the meal block plan have a combination of meals and points. The meal is always the better value as a meal “swipe” is cost below the actual points charged for a meal.  Students are encouraged to use their meals as their primary nutrition source but points allow students to supplement their choices with snacks and grab and go items from various cafes on campus as well as Weshop. Students may only swipe one block meal within a meal period (unless they use a guest meal) so points can supplement if a snack is desired within that same period. 

  • Why do freshman and sophomores have a meal block plan?
    The meal plan is developed so that as freshman and sophomores develop their schedules and personal preferences they will participate in a common dining experience with their peers. The most common plan for first year students has 140 meals per semester (averages 9 meals per week) and 612 points for a balance of dining hall and a la carte meals.  Sophomores have the option of choosing a plan with 110 meals (averaging 7 meals per week) and 871  points per semester for greater flexibility in a student’s second year after they have begun to form friendships. Upperclass students, most of whom have kitchens, and who have presumably established a strong network of friends have the option of choosing from one of the meals and points plans or a plan that is all points.
  • Can I get off the meal plan?/Can I switch to all points?

    Unless you have a previously documented medical condition (by a licensed, practicing Medical Doctor, non family member) that cannot be managed by Bon Appétit, all Wesleyan students are required to select a meal plan. If you believe you have a medical condition that would make you eligible for a waiver you would first need to meet with with the physician in health services. The campus physician will need to contact your personal physician to verify and gather documentation on the pre-existing condition.  A recommendation will then be made to the Director of the Usdan University Center, campus liaison to campus dining, who will make the final decision. Housing location is not necessarily a reason to be released from a meal plan; in addition living in traditional upperclass housing does not mean a Freshman or Sophomore will be released from the block meal plan requirement. Freshman and Sophomores are not eligible to be moved to all points because of convenience or because they have not used all block meals in a previous semester. Only if the aforementioned medical documentation is present will this option be considered. Requests for changes must be made within the first two weeks of the current semester. Changes to meal plans will not be made after Fall Break and/or Spring Break unless there is a new medical condition that cannot be managed for the rest of the semester by use of the current plan the student is on.

    Alternatively, if you meet the Residential Life criteria for Off Campus status, you may submit a request to be released from the meal plan to the Director of the Usdan University Center at usdan@wesleyan.edu Off Campus status is viewed as a break of the residency agreement at Wesleyan.  A student can only obtain this by successfully obtaining off-campus status through the housing selection process.  Typically, the only students who are released to off-campus status meet at least one of the following criteria: 25 years or older, married, have children, or have a specific medical accommodation need which cannot be met in campus housing.  The housing selection process is only conducted once a year and must be completed each year that a student wants to live off-campus.  Housing status/release does not guarantee release from the meal plan requirement. Requests should only be submitted after housing waiver had been granted.

  • My class year is wrong, can I change plans?
    Students have access to the different meal plan options based on the class year. Class year is determined by the registrars office. If you believe you are listed in the wrong class you need to work with your Class Dean to have your year designation officially changed. Unless your designation is changed within the Registrars system we cannot change your meal plan access to a different class years plan.  Students who are "off cycle" and plan on course work completion in December are typically one semester behind in class year designation. This frequently means that the access to the next years plan is not available in the Fall semester and can only be changed mid year.  Example: if you consider yourself a Junior but your official class year status indicated in the Fall Semester that your are a second semester sophomore, then during the Fall semester you will need to select a sophomore class plan. You would be able to select from the Junior options beginning in the Spring semester. If for some reason you have a mid year class year switch you are responsible for checking and making sure you have the correct meal plan. If you believe you have the wrong meal plan you must contact the Director of the Usdan University Center at usdan@wesleyan.edu no later than the second friday of the given semester. Requests for change will not be considered after that point.
  • If I have a reason to change my plan and it is approved when can I make the change?

    If you meet the criteria due to a medical issue to change plans as outlined above, the administrative team will work with you to select the most appropriate plan for your nutrition needs. Changes due to a medical condition can be made at any point up until the second to the last week of classes in a given semester.

    Changes that are made for any other reason (religious, move from campus, marriage, change in class year status) will only be made up until the advertised change date (usually within two weeks of the beginning of the semester). Extenuating circumstances may be considered for changes up until the semester mid point but no changes will be made after semester mid point unless it is a documented medical issue.

    Changes made due to class year changes will incur additional fees if the change made is from Sophomore to Junior status.

  • What happens when you run out of meals and you still want to eat at Usdan or Summerfields?

    If you run out of block meals, you can always use your meal plan points, Middletown Cash, credit cards, debit cards or cash. Prices for the meals using the above tenders is posted at the registers.

  • What happens when you run out of points? What happens at the end of Spring semester?

    Students can go into their meal plan through their WesPortal and add points or Middletown cash at any time. Any remaining points and/or meals left after the final meal, Spring Semester are forfeit. Points and meals cannot be used in the winter/summer sessions. Separate winter/summer meal plans are available for purchase.

  • How do I add points to my plan?
    You can add additional on-campus meal plan points in $25 increments which will be billed to your student account. Simply go to your student WesPortal, sign-in, click on the Meal Plan Points link, and follow the directions to add your points.  The last day to add additional on-campus meal plan points and have them billed to your student account is 5/6/20. Unused additional on-campus meal plan points at the end of fall semester will roll over for spring semester usage. The last day to use all additional on-campus meal plan points is 5/16/20 (brunch). Additional on-campus meal plan points do not roll over from year to year, only Middletown Cash does. You may also add Middletown Cash on the My Accounts page above, which can be used both on campus as well as off campus at participating downtown merchants.
  • How can I check my declining balance points balance?
    You can find out your balance from the cashier each time you make a purchase, or even if you do not make a purchase, you can still ask the cashier to check your card to find out your balance. You also can go to the My Accounts page in your WesPortal to view your balance and transaction history.
  • Where can I find out how many meals I have left or used?
    Each time you scan your card and you use a meal, the cashier can tell you how many meals you have used for the semester on any of the Block Meal Plans. Please remember that you have 8 guest meals designated if you are on a block plan.  These will not show up in the register total so you have to track them from your Wesportal in order to use them.
  • How do I change the meal block plan I have selected?

    The fall semester meal plan can be changed from 9/2/19-9/13/19  at 5:00  PM and the spring semester from 12/10/19 - 2/5/20 11:59 PM.

    Also, if you do not make a block meal plan selection in your WesPortal prior to the start of each semester, whatever plan you had during the previous semester will automatically be the plan you are enrolled for the upcoming semester. Freshman will be assigned to the default plan which is the 140 block plan. Upon starting your junior year you will automatically be enrolled in the all declining points program unless you elect to maintain a block meal plan, in which case you must access your WesPortal and select one in the given time period.

  • What are the hours for dining on campus?

    The hours for dining on campus depend on the particular venue.  For locations not managed by Bon Appetit, please see their individual websites.

    Hours during regular class sessions (breaks are different):

    Usdan Marketplace:M-F 7:45am-10am, 11am-3pm (limited options 2-3pm); 5-8pm; Sat. - Sun. 11am-2pm, 5-8pm

    Usdan Late Night Dining: Sun. - Sat. 9:30pm - 1:00am (last orders at register no later than 12:45 am)

    Usdan Cafe: Sun. - Sat. 10am - 8pm, M-F 8am - 8pm

    Daniel Family Commons: M-F 11:30am - 1:30pm (closed on occasion for special events)

    Summerfields: M-F 11am - 2pm, 5:30-9pm, Sat. - Sun. 5:30-9pm

    Pi Cafe: M-Th 8am-9pm, F 8am-5pm, Sat.-Sun. 1pm-6pm

    Weshop: Sun.-Th. 12pm-12am, Fri.-Sat. 2-6pm

  • Are the dining facilities opened during breaks?

    The meal plans do not factor in break periods as dining services are not available for the few students who remain on campus during breaks. During some breaks the WesShop will remain open. WesShop will only accept points or cash during these periods. During the Thanksgiving recess all services are closed. Students who participate in plans with meals are encouraged to plan for these breaks if they are going to remain on campus.  During Spring Break all dining venues are closed but WeShop will remain open Monday - Friday for limited hours. You will be able to utilize meal plan points for your shopping needs.

    During the December break between Fall and Spring semester all dining/purchase locations on campus are closed. Dining closes for Fall semester after brunch on 12/15/19. For students participating in the Winter intercession, winter break athletes and others who have an authorized reason to be on campus between 1/7/20 and 1/21/20 a separate dining plan may be available for purchase. Please visit your portfolio after 11/15/19 (tentative)  to make a selection under winter meal plans.


  • What is "Late Night Dining"

    Late night dining is a points or cash dining option available in Usdan Marketplace from 9pm-1am 7 days a week during the regular semesters. Late Night Dining may be closed one or two nights prior to a break and for one or two nights after a break. You should check the dining hours for specifics.

    Late night orders must be placed prior to 12:45am. Usdan is open until 2am every day so you may remain in the dining area to enjoy your purchase but orders will not be accepted after 12:45am. Orders will not be held past 1:15am as the kitchen must close and clean.

  • Is there a Kosher Program on campus?
    Wesleyan runs a kosher dining station in Marketplace on the second floor of the Usdan Campus Center. The Shalom Salaam Kosher Eatery at Usdan Campus Center serves all you can eat kosher food. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week, while school is in session. This eatery is under the rabbinic supervision of Rabbi David Teva.
  • Are there Vegan dining options?
    Wesleyan University was named the 2009 and 2013 Most Vegetarian-Friendly College in the United States by Peta2. According to the Peta2 website, “the acclaimed liberal arts college, which has a history of social justice activism, lives up to the hype when it comes to vegan options. Some of the creative choices offered include veggie chicken red curry with steamed broccolini and organic jasmine rice, three-mushroom vegan ragu with penne pasta, and barbecue seitan. Bon Appetit employs a talented chef who specializes in this delicious vegan fare, open to all who choose to enjoy it!
  • Is there a Halal program on campus?

    Students wishing to purchase Halal proteins may do so through bulk orders available at WesShop; additionally WesShop sells Halal to go meals which are very popular. In addition the Usdan Marketplace dinners, Monday thorugh Thursday Classics station is always Halal friendly (protein is Halal).

  • How are food allergies managed?

    Bon Appetit is able to assist students with just about any allergy or medical condition that impacts diet and nutritional choices. Many ingredients are listed and we label as much as possible, although not all items can be labeled due to potential liabilities.  Managers are always available at all dining locations whenever meals are being served so students and visitors always have resources available to them if they need to confirm certain ingredients or potential allergens. For more specific information link to the Allergies and Bon Appetit page the main dining website.

    For all special dining accomodations, it is recommended to meet with the Director of the Usdan University Center, Michelle Myers-Brown, to review your concerns. As the campus liaison to Bon Appetit, she can ccoordinate all support services for helping managing your dining needs. She can be reached at usdan@wesleyan.edu.

    For additional information, please visit:http:www.wesleyan.edu/studentaffairs/disabilities/FoodAllergies.html

  • I have Celiac Disease (or other medical issue)? What are my meal options?

    We actually have a number of students who have Celiac Disease, severe gluten intolerance, IBS or many other conditions that create a challenge when making dining choices, and who are able to manage their eating quite well. It does take effort by the individual and for frosh there is frequently a learning curve as they learn to handle their meal needs and choices "completely" on their own. To that end we have a number of resources on campus that can assist students as they make the transition to determining meal choices away from home.  First, we have a registered dietician on the staff of Bon Appétit, who we recommend be contacted once on campus. We always recommend that students who identify as having a particular medical issue that impacts meal choices meet with her right away as she will walk them through meal options, avoiding cross contamination, ingredients, etc.  She will even review with the students what products are carried in the campus store, Weshop, as well as at our grab and go locations that are appropriate for a diet.  Her name is Daniele Rossner, and her email is: Daniele.Rossner@cafebonappetit.com

    (She is not on campus during the summer so contacting her beginning of Fall semester is best). Additionally we have a celiac/gluten free station in Usdan Marketplace that offers appropriate food.

    For additional information, please visit:http:www.wesleyan.edu/studentaffairs/disabilities/FoodAllergies.html

  • I have a medical issue that is going to make it hard to use dining. What can I do?
    If you are able to come to Usdan Marketplace the Bon Appetit Management team can help you get your meal.  We have trays that they will use to get whatever you want and they can help you get to a table.  If you are unable to leave your dorm due to an illness, please cotact health services so that they can support you during your illness.  Health services can also contact the Usdan Director who will coordinate meal delivery between Residential Life and Bon Appetit.
  • Can students eat in the Daniel Family Commons?

    The Daniel Family Commons is the Faculty/Staff Dining location on campus and is not a dining facility for students.  Faculty have access to a voucher system which encourages them to bring small groups of students with them to the "DFC" on occasion for continued conversation on academic topics out of the classroom. Unless students are with a faculty member for an academic lunch or with an adminstrator for a lunch meeting, students are not supposed to utilize this dining space. Meal plans are not accepted in the DFC. With numerous other locations on campus available to students for meals and snacks,  the DFC, which is only open for lunch, should be considered reserved for Faculty and Staff. Graduate students have access to a table within the DFC designated as the "Graduate student table". The table is not considered reserved for graduate students, unless a group of graduate students actually calls in a reservation; if the DFC is full anyone can sit at that table. Additionally if there is already a group utilizing that table, graduate students should plan on making alternate dining plans outside of the DFC for that day.

    Reservations will be held for 15 minutes after which the table is released.

  • Can I bring a "brown bag" meal into Marketplace?
    To enter Marketplace you must pay so the short answer is no.  What we recommend in these situations is ask whoever is getting lunch in Marketplace to get their meal and then bring it down to the café area where they can meet up with their friends/colleagues/faculty who are “brown bagging” it.  This helps us to avoid any questions at the second level cashier counter about going in and out of marketplace with a home packed lunch.  Students who have been released from the meal plan for extreme medical or religious reasons and who have specific permission from the Director of the Usdan University Center in conjunction with dining management and the Deans office will be allowed to bring self prepared food in to the dining venues without paying.
  • Can I sell food to raise money for my club or organization

    There are very specific criteria for events that feature food.  If you are using Bon Appetit Catering you only need to make sure the request is a part of your reservation with appropriate funding.  The same is true for an outside caterer as long as they are a licensed caterer and an approved vendor for campus.  Your organization is responsible for insuring that funds are available to pay for all fees associated with catering.  

    If your club or organization wants to host an event where members are cooking, there are protocols that have been provided to us by the City of Middletown Health Department which must be followed.  The protocols and application form can be found at: http://www.wesleyan.edu/sald/event_planning_resources/Food%20Sales%20Policy.html


  • Can I use Bon Appetit Dining to cater my event?
    Yes!  We encourage students, especially student organizations who have Activity Fee funding to utliize Bon Appetit.  When a funded department or organization utilizes Bon Appetit the billing process is much simpler; although they can also bill departments and student groups.  They cannot bill a student account directly for catering and you cannot use your meal plan for catering.
  • Do I have to use Bon Appetit Dining for my event food.
    It is not required that Bon Appetit Dining be used for catered events, however it is highly recommended.  Utilizing Bon Appetit catering can be highly efficient; especially when billing a department or organization smartkey.
  • My friends and I want to start a business. Can we open a food venue on campus?
    We have many creative students on campus who often would like to channel their ideas and energy into a food enterprise.  Unfortunately this is not something that will be approved.  To begin with, students are not permitted to operate a business from their residence (see student housing contract for specifics).  Additionally since none of the campus dorms/houses have a commercially rated kitchen, food for resale cannot be prepared in these locations.  Additionally payment is an issue as no student organizations can access the meal plan or Middletown cash for charges.  Various other policies on employment criteria, taxes, income, liabilities and contract conflicts with the campus food service provider are prohibitive to running a food service business on campus.  For further information you should meet with the Director of the Usdan Universiy Center.
  • Can I have Food Truck at my event?
    Food Trucks are not allowed on campus property so they cannot be in campus parking lots or on fields/lawns.  On rare occasions permission may be granted if the item being sold is not in direct conflict with something already available through Campus Dining.  Permission must be obtained at least two weeks in advance of the event date from the Director of Usdan Administration in consultation with the Office of Administration and Finance.  Event organizers should not invite Food Trucks to their events.  The University, however, cannot stop Food Trucks from parking on city streets if they are in legal spaces and have the appropriate city permit. When considering whether or not food trucks may be a viable option for an event, departments and Student Organizations should consider that food trucks can only take cash or credit.  They do not take meal plan points or middletown cash.  This may mean that members of our community may not be able to fully participate in an event if they do not have the means to purchase food from the truck.  Departments and student organizations are encouraged to utilize catering for their event dining needs so that all attendees can participate fully.
  • How can I make suggestions for the dining program?
    The administration and student representatives meet several times a month to review the dining program, menu items, specials, events, feedback, suggestions. etc.  Please email any suggestions you would like brought forward to either dining@wesleyan.edu or the WSA Finance and Facilities Chair.