Summer Dining 2023:

Students who have received permission from Residential Life to remain on campus for the summer need to sign up for summer dining no later than May 1, 2023.  Please see the link on the summer housing application page.  Any financial aid reviews for meal plan support will begin on May 2nd and conclude by May 8th.  Students receiving financial support for summer meal plans will be notified on May 9. Charges for summer meal plans will be processed on approx. May 15th.

Please be aware that summer dining does not open until May 31st.  The spring meal plan closes following brunch on May 20th; students who have permission to remain on campus through Senior week will have extended meal plan access through May 24, Marketplace only. This will be an extension of your current spring meal plan.  No new meals or points are added for these extra meal days.

Between May 25th and May 30th, students should be prepared to provide their own meals.


The schedule:

May 31 through June 30 in Summerfields Monday - Friday Brunch 11:00am-1:00pm and Dinner 5-6:30pm; Saturday - Sunday Brunch 11am - 1pm, Dinner 5-6:30pm 

July 1 through August 4 in Usdan Marketplace Monday through Friday, Breakfast 7:30am-9am, Lunch 11:00am-1:00pm, Dinner 5-6:30pm; Saturday and Sunday Brunch 11am-1pm, Dinner 5-6:30pm

August 5 through August 23 in Usdan Marketplace Monday - Friday Brunch 11:00am-1:00pm and Dinner 5-6:30pm; Saturday - Sunday Brunch 11am - 1pm, Dinner 5-6:30pm

Fall Semester meal plans begin on Wednesday, August 24th.

Summer meal plans:

Your student account will be automatically charged based on the meal plan selected.  Once charges go through there are no refunds so please make sure you are certain of your commitment.  Unused meals do not role over to your Fall meal plan.  No points, no guest meals.  Swipes only.  Please select the meal plan most closely aligned with the number of days you will be here during the summer in order to avoid running out of meal swipes.


50 meal swipes = $500

100 meals swipes = $1000

150 meal swipes = $1500

*their are a total of 188 meals served between June 1st and August 22nd.

Questions should be directed to