Winter Session 2023 dining:

Students who apply and receive permission to remain on campus for any portion of the winter break will be provided with a meal plan at no expense to the individual.  The purpose of this program is to provide a dining option and to alleviate any food insecurity for any student remaining on campus.  If you elect to purchase groceries or eat outside of the designated program times, there will be no reimbursement allotted to you.  The following must be followed:  

-ALL students who wish to access the dining benefit will have to apply for winter housing to qualify for the dining benefit regardless of where you live.  This includes students who live in woodframe houses;

Application for winter break housing will be active on November 1, 2022.  Please utilize the following link to apply for housing:


The Winter meal plan will not be available to anyone who is not on the approved winter housing list.

The program:

-Fall semester dining will run through brunch on Sunday, December 18th.  There is no dining service on 12/18 in the evening

-beginning with brunch on Monday 12/19 dining will be available in Usdan Marketplace only between 11am - 1pm and 5-6:30pm daily until brunch Tuesday 1/24/23 with the following exceptions; 12/24, 12/25, 12/31 and 1/1.  DINING IS CLOSED ON THOSE DAYS SO THAT BON APPETIT MAY ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS WITH THEIR FAMILIES.  Students should plan in advance for the days when dining is not provided. Spring Meal plans begin with dinner on Tuesday, 1/24/23.

-This is the only dining program available through the University.  There are no stipends available for groceries.  There are also no special meal periods for any particular group.