Winter dining (12/17 - 1/23):

Students who apply and receive permission to remain on campus for any portion of the winter break will be able to continue to use their meal plan.  The Fall plan will run through December 30th (all dining closed on 12/24-25 and 12/31-1/2). You will have access to your spring semester meal plan effective 1/3/24.

Dining runs on an abbreviated schedule, Usdan Marketplace 11-1, 5-7 only.

Since meal plans are still active throughout the winter break with the exception of 12/24-25 and 12/31-1/2, there are no stipends or emergency programs available for groceries.  There are also no special meal periods for any particular group.  Meal plans have been adjusted to account for the extra days added to the meal plans. Students planning on staying who are on the all points plan need to be careful in their budgeting to make sure they don't overspend the weekly budget earlier in the semester. For any student planning on remaining on campus for the break period we recommend they select either the Premier plan or the 250 plan as it avoids any budgetary issues.