FGSS issues Statement from Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies on anti-Black violence.  Read the statement HERE.

Kaye's New Book Offers Critical Perspective of Criminal-Justice Reform 

Kerwin Kaye, Associate Professor of Sociology and FGSS, is the author of Enforcing Freedom: Drug Courts, Therapeutic Communities, and the Intimacies of the State, published by Columbia University Press in December 2019.  Read more HERE.

How ballon travel brought science - and our view of the world - to new heights by Jennifer Tucker's (The Washington Post, December 2019)

Jennifer Tucker is associate professor of history and FGSS at Wesleyan University.  "As a historian of science and visual communication, I’ve studied the balloon trips of Glaisher, Coxwell and others. Their voyages inspired art and philosophy, introduced new ways of seeing the world and transformed our understanding of the air we breathe."  Read full article HERE.

#FacultyFriday Features 

Professor Christina Crosby (Original air date June 29, 2019)- An indepth conversation with this year's Common Read, "A Body Undone: Living on After Great Pain" author Christina Crosby joined by Professor Jennifer Tucker, historian and Chair of Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and students Caridad J Cruz '21 and Christopher Jackson '20 as they explore the work of author, Professor Crosby. 

PhD Defense: Serving Up Revolution...and Sourdough Chocolate Devastation Cake

The Historical Cooking Projects' Editor in Chief, Alex Ketchum, explains the important role food played in her dissertation defense blog found HERE.

Professor Pitts-Taylor Awarded the Women’s Caucus Prize

The Philosophy of Science Association (PSA) Women’s Caucus awarded Professor Victoria Pitts-Taylor with the Women’s Caucus Prize in Feminist Philosophy of Science for her recent book, The Brain’s Body: Neuroscience and Corporeal PoliticsRead more HERE.

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