Non-Resident Study

Students participating in a Wesleyan Sponsored or Wesleyan Approved Non-Resident Study (NRS) Program are eligible to receive financial aid. The amount of aid will be determined using the same family contribution that would be used if the student remained on campus, and an expense budget that reflects the cost of the NRS program . Because of the wide range of NRS programs offered, the exact program cost and determination of aid eligibility can vary considerably. However, the information given below is a summary of the special policies and procedures that are used to calculate a student's financial aid for an NRS program.

Family Contribution

The parent and student contribution is calculated in the same manner as if the student is on- campus. If the NRS program is for one semester, one-half of the full year contribution will be expected. Please note, however, that there may be some costs associated with study abroad that will not be considered in calculating the student's need (see section below). Thus, the family will be responsible for any costs not included in the expense budget.

If the academic period of the NRS program reduces the amount of time the student can work in the summer, the standard contribution from student earnings may be adjusted with a written request from the student and documentation of the student's actual earnings during the remainder of the summer. Additional loan, up to annual maximum limits, will be awarded to make up any reduction in the student contribution.

Expense Budget

All students on aid will receive a Worksheet for Financing Study Abroad from the Office of Study Abroad. This worksheet determines the financial aid expense budget of your program. The expense budget will include the following costs associated with an NRS program:

  1. Direct tuition and program fees charged to the student by Wesleyan.
  2. Room and board during the academic period of the program, if it is not part of the program fee charged by Wesleyan. If there are room and board charges that must be paid directly by the student, an allowance will be made based on information provided by the program.
  3. Round trip transportation by the most economical means, if not included in the tuition or program fee.
  4. A standard allowance for books and personal expenses.
  5. The cost of student health insurance up to the cost of the Wesleyan health insurance plan (students are encouraged to participate in the Wesleyan health insurance plan).

The following expenses will not be included in the expense budget:

  1. Optional in-country travel before or after the academic period or during breaks.
  2. The cost of obtaining a passport, immunizations or other special documents such as an International Student Identity Card.
  3. Special or additional clothing.
  4. Cost for books or materials in excess of the standard allowance.
  5. Expenses for gifts, phone calls, laundry, etc. in excess of the standard allowance.


The Financial Aid Award

Aid will be awarded to NRS students in the same order as if you were on-campus: The first type of aid awarded is loan, the second type is student employment, if available; and lastly grant funds are awarded to meet the remaining need. Thus, if the cost of the NRS program is less than the cost of being on-campus, grant funds will be the first funds to be reduced. Other information about the award:

  1. Student employment: Students on NRS usually cannot earn their work award for the semester they are away. Therefore, the amount of the work award is automatically added to the grant portion of the aid award.
  2. Cost in excess of being on-campus: 
  3. The total cost of a few NRS programs is more than the cost of being on-campus. The cost in excess of the cost on-campus will automatically be covered by additional grant funds, if the student is a grant-eligible financial aid recipient.


Disbursement of Financial Aid

All financial aid funds will be disbursed to the student's Wesleyan account. If the financial aid total creates a credit balance on the account, the excess can be withdrawn by the student. All normal requirements must be met for funds to be disbursed. Listed below are documents or activities the student should be sure are complete before leaving the United States. Students are encouraged to check with the Financial Aid Office to make sure no documents are missing.

  1. Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN): Check with the Financial Aid Office, to be sure it is complete.
  2. Wesleyan Loan Promissory Note: Check with the Student Loan Office, 1st floor, North College, to be sure it is complete.
  3. All other required documents are submitted (such as the Verification Worksheet, tax returns, etc.): Check with the Financial Aid Office.


Additional Information

Financial aid students planning to enroll in a Non-Resident Study Program (International or Domestic) must follow the procedures below to ensure that their financial aid is revised accordingly:

  1. Receive the approval to study abroad letter from the Office of Study Abroad.
  2. Review the Financial Procedures information sheet and Financial Aid Information for Students Participating in NRS that you received with your approval to study abroad letter.
  3. Make appointment with the Office of Study Abroad to complete the Worksheet for Financing Study Abroad. OSA will forward a copy of this worksheet to the Financial Aid Office for a re-determination of your financial aid.
  4. The Financial Aid Office will revise your fall semester financial aid based on the information from the Worksheet for Financing Study Abroad. A revised financial aid award letter and accompanying documents will be sent to your campus mailbox or permanent address if the semester has ended.
  5. After review of your award letter and accompanying documents, please do not hesitate to contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions regarding your financial aid.