About the Wesleyan Archaeology & Anthropology Collection (WUAAC)

Among the many unique collections managed by Olin Library, the Wesleyan Archaeology & Anthropology Collection (WUAAC) is used by Wesleyan faculty and library staff in the hands-on teaching of various academic subjects, and to develop skill sets central to a liberal arts education.

The WUAAC collection contains more than 30,000 archaeological and ethnographic objects from around the world. Once part of the Wesleyan Museum (1871-1957), this teaching collection now provides learning opportunities for students interested in anthropology, archaeology, history, museum science, classics, and more.

Highlights of the collection include Paleolithic stone tools from Mount Carmel, Israel, painted Hopi and Tewa pottery from American Southwest, objects representing everyday life in late 19th-century Monrovia, Liberia, and pre-contact and historical artifacts from archaeological sites in and around Middletown.