Learning from Collections

Think about the objects in your life - what are they? How have they shaped or influenced you? How would you explain their meaning or function? What would they reveal about your identity, values, or daily life?

Come explore thousands of years of human innovation and expression in Wesleyan's Archaeology & Anthropology Collections. We invite Wesleyan students to consider using these collections for their own hands-on learning, for research/thesis projects, internships, and term papers. We also provide student employment opportunities. 

Maybe you are interested in learning how to handle museum objects, or understanding best practices for object preservation. You may want to explore the role of animal imagery in Hopi pottery, or research the iconography on ancient Roman coins. Maybe you are intersted in the presence of bird feathers in cultural objects, or want to process and identify artifacts from local historical sites in Middletown. Or maybe you have your own research questions - if so, please contact us