Learn about WesScholar

WesScholar is a suite of services and platforms that enables Wesleyan students, faculty, and staff to store and share their research data and other scholarly and creative outputs in digital format. WesScholar is provided and supported by the University Library in partnership with Information Technology Services.

  • Why use WesScholar?

    Make it Open and Discoverable - Providing free access to information increases its discoverability and use.

    Make it Enduring - Permanent URLs (DOIs) build stable, long-term access to information. WesScholar mints DOIs when they are not provided by a publisher.

    Comply with Funders - Fulfill funders’ open access requirements by depositing data, publications, and other grant outputs.

  • Guidelines and Policies

    WesScholar accepts research data, scholarly and creative outputs, and their related information and materials in a variety of formats and file types. All submissions made to the repository must be in a digital format.

    Some formats and disciplines may be out of scope or capability for WesScholar. Wesleyan students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to use the most suitable repository for their content and the University Library can help you to identify one.

    WesScholar Policies

  • Glossary

    Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

    A DOI is a unique alphanumeric string (that acts as a URL and is) assigned to your research data, scholarly or creative output by Wesleyan Library staff. Working with a registry, Wesleyan Library ensures that access to your content remains stable via the DOI regardless of whether the content is moved to a new platform. Wesleyan Library only manages this registry for objects stored on library maintained platforms.

    Research Data

    A dataset is typically a file or collection of files and its corresponding metadata. This metadata may include preservation and presentation information, as well as annotations and ancillary content that is associated with the data. WesScholar is limited in scope to data that are, or are associated with, the "raw" inputs to or outputs from research.

    Scholarly and Creative Outputs

    Scholarly and creative outputs should be broadly understood to mean the published or otherwise publicly presented outputs, including presentations, reports, pre-prints, accepted author manuscripts, grey literature, theses, and dissertations created by individuals or units within Wesleyan University in the course of their scholarly or professional work that represents the intellectual life and academic endeavors of the university and have enduring value.