Transfer Procedures for Wesleyan Records

These procedures are designed to minimize physical deterioration or damage to records transferred to the Archives and to ensure that they will be readily retrievable after transfer.

  1. Conduct a survey of the records to identify and separate active records or ephemeral material.
  2. Contact the University Archivist, Amanda Nelson, to discuss the transfer.
  3. Obtain boxes (records cartons) for your records from University Archivist.
  4. Fill boxes (from front to back) with files; maintain the order in which the files were created or used and do not over-pack or under-pack the box.
  5. Number the boxes consecutively and discretely in pencil. Do not apply labels to the boxes.
  6. Make a list of box contents/inventory (include dates whenever possible).
  7. Complete the Records Transfer Form and attach your inventory.
  8. Insert a paper copy of the Records Transfer Form and the inventory in the first box; keep a copy for your records.
  9. Put in a work order to arrange delivery to the Science Library Special Collections & Archives storage area with the University Archivist as the contact for scheduling delivery.
  10. Contact the University Archivist in advance of delivery so we know it's coming.
  11. Upon delivery, notification will be sent to originating office.

When transferring digital records to the Archives for permanent retention, please contact the University Archivist for instructions.