CS Lab and other resources for Computer Science students

CS Lab

Quick facts

Science Center 341
24/7, except when reserved.
By key-code, available from the Lab Administrator.
Contact the Lab Administrator.
Lab Administrator
Prof. Danner

General information

The CS Lab is open to all Computer Science majors and graduate students and students enrolled in any 300+-level Computer Science course (hereafter referred to as "Computer Science students"). Access may also be granted to other students on a case-by-case basis. The lab consists of ten thin clients that serve the two Computer Science servers (marlow.cs.wesleyan.edu and kurtz.cs.wesleyan.edu). Computer Science majors are automatically granted accounts on marlow, and are granted accounts on kurtz as needed for research. The lab is configured for projection from one of the workstations or any other computer. There is also a conference table that seats nine comfortably.

The lab is available 24/7, except when it has been reserved (e.g., some CS classes and lab meetings are held in the lab); see above for the schedule. Access requires the key code, which is provided to Computer Science students and changed on a regular basis. Use of the clients is restricted to Computer Science students. Non-CS students are welcome to be in the lab as well, provided there is at least one CS student or faculty member present. You should feel free to use this space even if you are not using the computers---one of the reasons for the conference table is so that students have a place to work on group projects.

Hardware and software

marlow is a dual-processor server. Each processor is a quad-core Intel Xeon running at 2.33GHz. It has approximately 275GB of disk space. There are currently no quotas (this may change in the future, if it has to). The operating system is GNU/Linux (Debian Squeeze). marlow is also available via ssh, but only from computers on the Wesleyan network. If you wish to log into marlow from outside the Wesleyan network, you must use VPN to first log into the Wesleyan network.


We prefer to keep rules to a minimum until they are needed. In general, be respectful of the space and the other students, and we shouldn't have to impose too many. However,

  • If there is anyone in the lab, then there must be at least one Computer Science faculty or student in the lab. That is, non-Computer Science students may not be in the lab unless accompanied by someone from Computer Science. This rule may be waived on a case-by-case basis by CS faculty.
  • Do not give out the key-code to anyone. Only CS faculty should distribute the key-code.
  • If you are the last one to leave the lab, be certain that both doors are closed and locked. Do this even if you are just stepping out for a minute. Equipment that goes missing is unlikely to be replaced, and leaving a door open to an empty lab is a certain way to ensure that some of that equipment goes walking.

Wesleyan thesis LaTeX document class

For Prof. Danner's westhesis.cls document class for LaTeX, download the file pointed to by the following link.  Extract the downloaded archive and follow the instructions in the file install.txt.