AP Placement Credit in Mathematics

Placement credit may be awarded for either the AB or BC Calculus AP exams. Students are reminded that Wesleyan allows at most 2 credits to be earned towards the degree via advanced placement.

To receive AP credit in Mathematics, a student must:

  • Earn a score of 4 or 5 on either the AB Calculus or BC Calculus exam.
  • Complete one 200-level mathematics course at Wesleyan with a grade of C- or better. Courses which do not earn 1.0 or more credits (for example, MATH 211) cannot be used for this purpose.
Such a student will receive up to two Wesleyan credits, for MATH 121 and MATH 122. No double counting is allowed -- a qualifying student who also takes either MATH 121 or MATH 122 will earn only one placement credit. A qualifying student who takes both MATH 121 and MATH 122 will earn zero placement credits.

Further questions regarding advanced placement should be directed to the Department Advisory Committee.

Transfer Credit in Mathematics

Prior approval for transfer credit must be obtained. The course must be taken at a four year college or university, and the course must be comparable to - or at the level of - one offered in our department. Wesleyan does not allow transfer credit for on-line courses. Students majoring in mathematics should note that courses taken elsewhere may not be substituted for either Math 261 (Abstract Algebra) or Math 225 (Real Analysis).

In order to obtain prior approval, please email the following information to the departmental faculty member who decides approval on behalf of DADCOM (the Departmental Advisory Committee):

  • Course title and description, including a link to the catalogue and to the range of mathematics courses offered;
  • Any additional information available, such as professor, text, syllabus; and
  • What mathematics courses, if any, you have taken at Wesleyan.

This information is usually sufficient to determine the appropriateness of the course, although we may have additional questions once the above information is provided.