Recent Graduates

Here are some of our successful graduates currently in Ph.D. programs! 

Graduates Class Year Current Institution and Research Field What are your biggest accomplishments?

Ekram Towsif

Ekram pic


Emory University Laney Graduate Program


Ph.D. Candidate

Successfully completing one year of graduate study and two research rotations as of fall 2022 and being on track to transition into the candidacy phase of my Ph.D. by summer of 2023. 

Tenzin Ngodup



University of Michigan

Cancer Pharmacology

Ph.D. Candidate

My biggest accomplishments in my graduate school career so far are passing my preliminary exam, achieving achieving candidacy and publishing my first co-first-authored research article.

Kaila Scott-Charles


University of Chicago

Developmental Psychology

Ph.D. Candidate


"My biggest accomplishment thus far is graduating from college and being accepted into my Ph.D. program with an amazing advisor!"

Joanna Korpanty


Northwestern University 

Organic Materials

Ph.D. Candidate

"My biggest accomplishment is attending NU since it is highly respected in the field of chemistry, has impressive facilities, interdisciplinary research, etc."

Jeanne Li


University of Wisconsin-Madison


Ph.D. Candidate

"Getting into UW-Madison’s statistics PhD program!"

Deja Knight


Johns Hopkins University

Public Health

Ph.D. Candidate

"I am about to earn my Masters Degree in Psychology in Dec of this year[2018]. I also am about to have a chapter in a book published based on my senior thesis. I also gave an open presentation based on my senior thesis."