McNair Research Talks 2018





April 19, 2018 12pm-1pm   

Aylin Garcia-Soto

Prof. Edward Moran

Dramatic X-ray Variability in AGNs: New Insights into Black Hole Fueling

Joanna Korpanty

Prof. Michael Calter

The Synthesis of an Antifungal Compound

Daniel Lee

Prof. Psyche Loui

Electrophysiological Effects of Syntactic Violation of Music and Language

David Lopez-Wade

Prof. Jennifer Tucker

A History of the Failure of Sex Education: Looking to the Past to Imagine the Future

April 26, 2018 12pm-1pm

Shemaiah Clarke

Prof. Erika Taylor

Synthesis of the Flourinated Trehalose to Test its Impact on Protein Stability

Jeanne Li

Prof. David Constantine

Symbolic Dynamics and Topological Pressure for DNA Analysis

Tedra James

Prof. Psyche Loui

The Perception of Cognition of Racialized Voices

May 3, 2018 12pm-1pm

Ray Peters

Prof. Royette Tavernier

Projecting a Better Future

Lorena Fernandez

Prof. Royette Tavernier

Emotions, Meaning Making, and Psychological Adjustment in Emergeing Adults Exposed to Tropical Storm in Dominica

Eduardo Centeno

Prof. Suzanne O'Connell

Diatom-Inferred Enviornmental Interpretation of the Pliocene Epoch in the Weddell Sea

Jenne Johnson

Prof. Kyungmi Kim

Effects of Task-Relevance of Self-Relevant Information on Incidental Self-Reference Effect in Item and Source Memory

The McNair Research Talks are designed for interested, non-expert students
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