Affiliated Programs

  • Department of Biology. Biology has never been more exciting or more important. Virtually every day brings news of major advances in understanding in all fields of biology, from evolutionary ecology and conservation biology, to genetics, development, cell biology, and neuroscience. The Biology Department at Wesleyan is fully committed to and engaged in active research and learning.
  • Department of Chemistry. Chemistry is the science of molecules. Scientific, medical, and technological phenomena ultimately are understood in terms of molecular structure and interactions. Understanding of chemistry is essential to effective work in all sciences, and some knowledge of chemistry is useful in such fields as law, government, business, and art.  Many aspects of our high-technology society can be understood better from the viewpoint of chemistry.
  • Department of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (MB&B). Molecular Biology and Biochemistry focuses on the molecular basis of biological processes; i.e., on mechanisms by which cells process, integrate and act on information to constitute living organisms. Our program is inherently multi-disciplinary, as evidenced by strong research and curricular connections with biology, chemistry, physics and computer science, and promises a strong academic foundation for students who will address diverse challenges in their future careers.
  • Department of Physics. The Physics Department provides cutting-edge education and research at Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. levels.  Our students master topics in focus areas that include quantum computing, high energy plasmas, low temperature superfluids, photonics, materials science, biomolecular interactions, fluid mechanics, and more.
  • College of Integrative Sciences (CIS).  The CIS offers students a curricular and research experience that enables new ways of thinking at the frontiers of science. A key component is an emphasis on research, allowing students to pursue and experience modes of inquiry leading to expertise in their fields of study. To do so, the college promotes an interdisciplinary and integrative approach to scholarship and learning in the physical and life sciences.
  • Certificate Program in Informatics and Modeling.The Certificate Program in Informatics and Modeling enhances student choices and options and is an ideal supplement for interested science and math majors. The certificate program provides students with a coherent set of courses and practical instruction in two pathways: (1) integrative genomics science and (2) computational science and quantitative world modeling.