Molecular Biophysics Steering Committee

A steering committee of representatives from each of the participating departments is appointed by the program director with the advice and consent of the program faculty. The steering committee is charged with overseeing the functional operation of the program, communicating and representing program interests to their individual departments and in particular, the review and selection of NIH trainees. Program faculty meet together at least once per semester or as often as necessary to consider any issues with appointment of trainees, the progress of individual students, and general administration of the program. The PI implements any changes to the program with the advice and consensus of the steering committee.

Current composition of the Steering Commitee:

Ishita Mukerji, Director of the Molecular Biophysics Program

David L. BeveridgeCo-coordinator of the Molecular Biophysics Program

Michael Weir, Biology Department

Irina M. Russu, Chemistry Department

Rich Olson, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Department

Francis Starr, Physics Department