Fear of Failure

A CV of Failures by Melanie Stefan. This article was originally published in the journal Nature.

Fearless Experimentation: translating a liberal arts education to real world impact, by Makaela Kingsley, director of the Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Wesleyan University.

When Success Leads to Failure: the pressure to achieve academically is a crime against learning by Jessica Lahey.

Learning from Errors by Janet Metcalfe, Department of Psychology, Columbia University.

Overcoming the Fear of Being Wrong: 20 Ways to Help Your Students by Sara Briggs.

This Princeton professor posted his CV of failures for the world to see by Marguerite Ward.

Tony Hatch on failure, Tony Hatch is an associate professor of sociology, associate professor of science in society, and associate professor of African American Studies at Wesleyan University.

Failing Well: Campus Series Helps Students Rethink Setbacks