Teaching Assistance

The Office of Faculty Career Development can provide several ways to help with your teaching.  All of these modes of consultation are entirely confidential and screened from the reappointment and promotion process. If you are interested in pursuing any of these options, please email Mary Alice Haddad, OFCD Director.

Teaching Allies

Contact the OFCD, and we'll work to set you up with one or two peers interested in discussing classroom experience, pedagogical approaches, syllabi, assignments, teaching evaluations, etc.

Small Group Evaluation

Working with a professionally designed protocol, the Director of the OFCD will attend a session of your course and meet with a focus-group of students to learn their sense of what's working in your classroom and what might be improved.  After recording and summarizing that feedback, the Director will meet with you to pass on and review the information.  Small group evaluations can give you a rich source of student feedback while your semester is still running.  

Mid-Semester Evaluations

The Director of the OFCD can provide you with help in designing and administering mid-semester evaluation forms that will give you feedback on your students' learning experience while your course is on-going.

Consultation on Teaching Evaluations . . .

The Director of the OFCD is available to review teaching evaluations and to meet with you to discuss student responses to your courses.

And Other Consultation

The Director of the OFCD can also meet with you to discuss other pedagogical matters--including, the design of syllabi and assignments, communicating with students, setting expectations, etc.--and can put you in touch with accomplished teachers on campus who can offer valuable experience and advice.