The Office for Faculty Career Development supports faculty in their development of scholarship, teaching, and colleagueship. We offer professional development training through workshops on publishing, leadership, research technology, grant writing, and professional speaking. We also provide resources to further develop teaching skills through workshops, videotaping, skill-building seminars, student focus groups, and individual consultations and coaching. And we offer consulting in regard to professional relationships and collegiality dynamics. If the office cannot provide the resources you need, we will suggest where you can find them.

~~~~ We support faculty at all levels of experience ~~~~

**** All our work is confidential ****

• • • • Some of what we offer • • • •

Please find more detailed information on these offerings elsewhere on our site

  • Faculty Professional Development Workshop – The faculty career development workshop for this year will be titled “Becoming More Visible Online,” and will be led by two professionals with experience in journalism and editing (spring semester).
  • Faculty Salons on Professional Life – Lunch discussions offer informal discussions of important topics in academic and university life, pedagogy, and scholarship.
  • Faculty Workshop on Diversity in the Classroom – This year’s workshop is titled “The Problem of Diversity” and will be run by Professor Kathryn Lofton (Yale) on Monday, January 21.
    Teaching the Moving Image Workshop – OFCD has partnered with the College of Film and the Moving Image to bring faculty a series of workshops that will be held in the fall.
  • Faculty Library Innovation Technology – The FLIT lunches each semester are co-sponsored by the Center for Pedagogical Innovation, the Wesleyan University Library, and Information Technology Services and supported by the OFCD. We consider curricular and research uses of technology. Lunch is provided and no rsvp is needed.
  • Small Group Focus Groups and Feedback – The OFCD Director Peter Gottschalk can arrange for visits to your classroom and for short, focus group discussions with your students. Making
    use of a tested protocol. Such focus-group discussions can give you rich, confidential, mid-term feedback about how your courses are going and ways to tweak them for best results.
    Videotaping and Consultation Service – The OFCD will arrange to have your class recorded, will provide a digital record, and will set up a meeting with an outside teaching consultant. The teaching coaches can provide confidential feedback about your teaching strategies.
  • Open-Door Classes – Take advantage of our Open Door program to see how your colleagues teach in action.
  • Mentors – The OFCD can help you find a teaching mentor in your division.

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