National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity

The National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) offers numerous resources to support faculty in their career development.  Wesleyan is an institutional member, so all faculty have access to the NCFDD resources.  Because our on-campus capacity to support faculty is necessarily limited, we encourage all faculty to take advantage of our NCFDD membership to augment our resources.  This page offers a brief summary of some of the most useful resources.

Webinars—the NCFDD offers a wide range of mini-courses and webinars on topics of particular interest to faculty.  Below is a sample of the offerings.

14-Day Writing Challenge—A set of online tools to help keep you accountable to meeting your daily writing goals

Writing Accountability Buddy—need an off-campus buddy to keep you accountable to your writing goals?  Sign up to be (and receive) a writing buddy.

Faculty Success Program (preview)—Wesleyan will support up to four faculty a year to take part in the Faculty Success Program, an intensive 12-week course for tenured and tenure-track faculty to unlock “explosive productivity” and better work-life balance.

Professor-ing Podcast—Regular podcast covering a wide range of issues related to life as a professor from embracing social media, to launching a second book project, to managing life crises