Scholar Networks

Academia is a collective enterprise.  We build our own scholarship on the foundations of those who came before us, and we start new fields of inquiry in collaboration with our colleagues.  In order to succeed, we must find like-minded colleagues who are interested in topics that spark our curiosity and meet regularly with those who inspire us.

The first touch-stone for a faculty member’s professional network will be a professional association related to their main field(s) of inquiry.  Regularly attending annual meetings, presenting ones work at those meetings, and connecting social with friends who are there forms the foundation of a faculty member’s network.

Some faculty are increasingly using social media to find and create networks around topics of interest or concern.  Twitter, Facebook, ClubHouse are all popular and useful ways to connect with colleagues on diverse topics.

Similarly, digital repositories such as GoogleScholar, ResearchGate, and have ways not only to share your research, but to “follow” scholars doing work similar to yours, get updates on topics of interest, and connect with others related to your research fields.

Wesleyan seeks to be an inclusive community, but since we’re relatively small, it is quite likely that there isn’t anyone who is from your particular demographic – disciplinary intersection.  Below is a list of organizations focused on particular affinity groups in different disciplines.  This page may be particularly useful for faculty who are under-represented in their disciplines seeking support and professional opportunities among their peers.

Non-Discipline Specific Organizations


Social Sciences

African American Studies


Asian American Studies



Latin American Studies


Political Science and Law

Psychology and Neuroscience




Natural Science and Mathematics

General STEM-focused organizations/lists



Computer Science

Earth and Environmental Science






Arts and Humanities

Asian Studies




Do you know of a listing/organization not listed above that should be included?  Please email Mary Alice Haddad (, and we’ll add it to the list.