Funding to Support Teaching

We have a range of different funding opportunities to support faculty in their pedagogy.  Unless otherwise noted, these opportunities are available to anyone teaching at Wesleyan.

  • Teaching and pedagogy grants through GISOS—up to $3,000, 1 year only, available to continuing faculty only; deadline in mid-March for following academic year.
  • Faculty can apply for funding to support class field trips by emailing Lisa Sacks (  The full description of what you need to submit and relevant deadlines can be found here.
  • Center for Pedagogical Innovation grants—supports the development of innovative pedagogical practices and courses; deadline is November for following semester.
  • Creative Campus Initiative—$500 stipend for non-arts faculty to develop modules and courses to be co-taught with arts faculty; deadline is May for following academic year.
  • Sustainability & Environmental Justice Pedagogical Initiative-- $500-$1,000 faculty stipends to support the development new modules and courses focused on environmental justice and sustainability; deadline in early April for the following academic year.
  • Fries Center for Global Studies Internationalizing the Curriculum Seminar--$500 stipend for faculty to participate in a seminar and develop a new course or course module to incorporate global perspectives and intercultural learning into their teaching; deadline is mid-May for following academic year.
  • Digital Scholarship Innovation Fund—up to $2,000 for faculty to support the development of digital scholarship projects; deadline is mid-April for the following year.
  • Service-Learning Initiative Grants—Up to $4,000 for faculty to support the development of service-learning courses; deadline is mid-October and mid-May for the following semester/year.
  • Faculty Seminar on the Teaching of Writing--$500 stipend for faculty to participate in a seminar to discuss assignment and syllabus design; effective and time-efficient ways of responding to student writing; the student experience of writing; and the role of writing in the liberal arts.