Teaching at Wesleyan

Wesleyan is a wonderful place to teach with highly motivated and engaged students and supportive faculty.  We value teaching and are actively involved in pedagogical innovation, working collaboratively with students to find new and interesting ways to learn and create.

This page contains links to some of the resources faculty can use to develop their pedagogy as well as links to innovative pedagogical practices.

  • Universal Design Syllabus Template — Please use this template for your syllabi.  It includes language about accessibility, honor code, etc. that should be on all Wesleyan syllabi.
  • Gender Bias Assessment Tool—This resource allows for you to upload a syllabus and get an estimate of the percent of the file (syllabus, bibliography, etc.) has woman-authored.
  • Center for Pedagogical Innovation (CPI)—CPI is Wesleyan’s hub for pedagogical innovative practice. The CPI staff work with faculty to fix problems that might arise with their teaching as well as offering advice and support when faculty are developing new classes or reinventing old ones.
  • Pedagogy Unbound—An online repository of teaching tips and tricks on a variety of teaching tasks and challenges (e.g., First day, discussion, effective lecturing).
  • New Faculty Teaching Resources—This page gathers together some of the resources that are most useful for new faculty including Teaching Matters, access to archives of the WesTeach seminar for new faculty, and Moodle tutorials and more.
  • Inclusive Classroom Resources—Wesleyan is committed to building a community where everyone feels welcomed and valued. This page includes a number of resources to help you build an inclusive classroom.
  • Funding to Support Teaching—Wesleyan has a number of in-house grants to support pedagogy.
  • Innovative Teaching—Looking to do something a little different? This page offers some examples of innovative teaching and non-standard student projects developed in the last few years.
  • Teaching AssistanceThe Office of Faculty Career Development can provide several ways to help with your teaching.  All of these modes of consultation are entirely confidential and screened from the reappointment and promotion process.
  • Teaching Communities—Every semester the OFCD organizes several teaching communities designed to facilitate faculty exchange on pedagogy.
  • Resources for Students—Student Affairs and other units on campus provide a range of academic support services to help students excel.