Research Funding

The primary source of in-house research funding for Wesleyan faculty are Grants In Support of Scholarship.  Faculty apply through their WesPortal.  All continuing faculty (tenured, tenure track, professors of the practice, artists in residents) are eligible.  Visiting faculty are not eligible. Deadline is mid-March for the following academic year.

  • General Support – up to $750, 1-year only,
  • Project Grants – up to $5,000, up to 2-years
  • Student-Faculty Internships—summer or year (1 year only)

Additionally, there are a few other sources for research-related faculty funding

  • Quantitative Analysis Center (QAC) Summer Apprenticeship Program trains and funds students who are working on data analysis related projects for faculty; deadline is early March for the following academic year.
  • Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life offers funding for faculty to support: (a) university lectures, (b) collaborative projects, (c) research networks. Anyone teaching at Wesleyan is eligible; deadlines in November and May for the following semester/year.
  • The Center for the Humanities offers semester-long faculty fellowships to support research on particular themes, which change every semester. The faculty fellowships enable Wesleyan faculty to spend a semester in residence at the Center, receive a course release to concentrate on their research, and teach a new seminar connected to their research theme.
  • The College of the Environment (COE) offers year-long fellowships to Wesleyan faculty to take part in the COE Think Tank. Over the course of the year the COE faculty fellows are in residence at the COE, participate in the Think Tank research on a designated theme, and receive a course release each semester to support their research.

Finally, the Office of Corporate, Foundation & Government Grants can help faculty find external funding to support their research, support faculty as they apply for those grants, and support the reporting for institutional grants.