The Office of Corporate, Foundation and Government Grants seeks funding from corporations, local and national foundations and government agencies in support of the needs of the University and its faculty.


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New NIH Forms

The NIH announced that it is updating its application instructions and forms effective for proposals due on or after May 25,2020. This update is mainly because FORMS-E are expiring, but there are new instructions and a new form for those proposals that use human fetal tissue that will be required. Grants.Gov and NIH ASSIST will […]

NIH Grants Podcast – “All About Grants”

The NIH has a podcast, “All About Grants.” The podcast has a number in installments that cover topics from getting to know the NIH to being a grantee. You can check out the full list here.
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NASA Supports Poulos’s Wildfire Research

Wildfires can transform forest ecosystems to varying degrees, depending on fire severity. While low-severity wildfires change plant community composition by killing short-statured trees and understory plants, high-severity fires result in top kill of above-ground vegetation. This variation in wildfire effects can have major impacts on post-fire vegetation composition and water stress. Helen Poulos, adjunct assistant…

NASA Funds Study of Gilmore’s Venus Mission Concept

Martha Gilmore, the George I. Seney Professor of Geology, professor of earth and environmental sciences, believes we have a lot to learn from studying Venus—yet the United States has not sent a mission to the Earth-sized planet since the early 1990s. That’s why Gilmore has proposed a major flagship mission concept study to assess whether…
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