Teaching Resources

Wesleyan is a wonderful place to teach with highly motivated and engaged students and supportive faculty.  For more teaching resources, please see the general teaching resources page and the many resources available at the Center for Pedagogical Innovation.

This page gathers together some resources that we think should be particularly useful for new faculty

  • WesTeach—This seminar was developed for faculty in Fall 2020. Through a combination of mini-lectures, visiting speakers, panels, and small group conversation faculty gather weekly to (a) talk about specific topics, and (b) offer peer-support related to specific teaching concerns.
  • Inclusive Classroom Resources - We have collected a number of resources on this page to help you make your classroom welcoming to all students.
  • Universal Design Syllabus—This is a copy of our universal design syllabus that can serve as a blueprint for your own course syllabi.
  • Moodle is the learning management system used at Wesleyan. You can find several Moodle tutorials here.
  • Tutorials and workshops for other digital tools and software platforms used for teaching can be found in ITS’s Knowledgebase and the Teaching Continuity website.