Midterm Teaching Evaluation

Midterm course evaluations can provide a helpful snapshot of your students’ experience in your course. You might use variations of the attached form, ask students not to give their names, and then review the most frequent responses with them the next class. Since every group of students differs, you might end up making changes to frequently taught courses in light of their comments and subsequent discussions. Often students say on the end-of-semester teaching evaluations that they appreciated that the professor checked in with them midterm and made adjustments in consultation with them. (Note, the last two questions can help you manage the increasingly yawning generation gap that faculty tend to face eventually). 

Thanks for taking the time to help me work with you in creating the best learning environment possible.    Please don’t write your name!


  1. What two elements of class make your studies the most interesting?

  2. What two elements of class do you like the least? How would you change them?

  3. What do you think about how class readings are handled in class? Do class discussions address issues of concern for you and aid your thinking?

  4. What are the five most significant state, national, or international events of your lifetime?

  5. What’s your favorite film of the year? Music?