Code of Conduct

The mission of the physics department is to provide the Wesleyan community with an effective and high quality base of pedagogical and scholarly physics resources. In pursuit of this, we strive to maintain an environment where students, faculty, and staff all feel welcome, respected, and safe:

  • Welcome to participate in the research and educational activities provided for you by the University
  • Respected as unique individuals regardless of who you are or your ambitions
  • Safe where all members care for the wellbeing, feelings, and physical safety of others

The maintenance of such a working and learning environment is the collective responsibility of all of its members. We expect all to act ethically, professionally, and with compassion for others in our classrooms, research labs, offices, shared spaces, and online fora. We also hope that a shared interest in upholding these objectives will encourage anyone observing discordant behavior to take action. This ideally begins with immediate intervention and should include reporting to others in a position to promote proper conduct.