Program for non-majors

The Physics Department offers two two-semester survey courses, Physics 111-112 (no calculus) and Physics 113-116 (calculus).  In addition, the physics department offers stand-alone laboratory courses, Physics 121-122 or Physics 123-124. Notice that the laboratory courses are not associated with the physics lecture courses.  These may satisfy the physics requirement for admission to schools of medicine, dentistry, or architecture.  For further details the physics department encourages you to clarify requirements with the respective medical, dental or architectural schools. 

There are also one-semester courses, designed for the non-specialist, that investigate a more restricted area of physics in greater detail. For help in deciding which of these course options is best suited to your needs and interests, please consult the departmental adviser or the professors in charge of these various offerings.


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Permission to Transfer Credit

Please complete the permission to transfer credit form and return it to the Physics Department Administrative Assistant, in Room 207.  You must also include a course syllabus or a link to the course.