Interdisciplinary Programs

Chemical Physics

The philosophy underlying the program is that the solution to contemporary problems must increasingly be sought not within a single traditional specialty but from the application of different disciplines to particular problems. Students in the program will pursue a course of study and research that will familiarize them with both the Physics and Chemistry departments and in particular with those areas of overlapping interest that we broadly categorize as "chemical physics."

Molecular Biophysics

Molecular Biophysics is situated at the intersection  of molecular biology, chemistry,  and physics and defines an interdisciplinary vantage point from which many new and important advances are being made in life science research. Molecular biophysics, as a field of endeavor,  is distinguished by analytical and quantitative research inquiry based on  molecular and macromolecular structure and spectroscopy, biophysical chemistry, functional bioenergetics, statistical  thermodynamics, and molecular dynamics.  Opportunities in molecular biophysics are open to students with strong interests and and a solid undergraduate background in chemistry, physics and mathematics.