Colloquium Schedule - Fall 2017

Dr. Reinhold Blumel

Thursdays, 11.50 am - 1.10 pm  (*except where noted)

Exley Science Center, Room 58  (*except where noted)




Sept 21

Fabrice Mortessagne

Institut de Physique de Nice, Universite Cote d'Azur

Dirac Matter and Topology with Microwaves


Oct 5

Iggy McGovern

Trinity College (Dublin)

Physics and Poetry

Oct 12

George Tsironis

University of Crete

Coherence and Collective Nonlinear Effects in Superconducting Metamaterials

Oct 19

Ramathasan Thevamaran

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Structured Materials for Controlling Mechanical Waves

Oct 26

Charles Schmuttenmaer

Yale University

THz Spectoscopy:  Studying Carrier Dynamics and Solar Energy Conversion in Nanostructured Materials

Dec 7

Les Deck

Zygo Corp

Concepts in Interferometric Metrology