Colloquium Schedule - Spring 2018

Dr. Tsampikos Kottos

Thursdays, 11.50 am - 1.10 pm  (*except where noted)

Exley Science Center, Room 58  (*except where noted)




Jan 25

Ruben Gonzalez Jr

Columbia University

Ribosomes in Action: The Role of Dynamics in the Mechanism and Regulation of Translation

* hosted by MB&B and Biophysics, 12 noon, ESC 121

Feb 1

Dr. Rozalia Lukacs

Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Mie Scattering in Thin Solar Cells

Feb 8

Quanli Gu

Wesleyan Class of 2009

Single Water's Role as Two Proton Acceptors and One Proton Donor in Tryptamine-Water Dimer

Feb 15

Gregory Dobler

Center for Urban Science and Progress

Better Cities through Imaging

Feb 22

Shima Parsa

Harvard University

Polymer as Permeability Modifier for Oil Production, a pore level study

Mar 8

Azriel Z. Genack

Queens College - CUNY

Diffusion in Translucent Media

Mar 27

Ewine van Dishoeck

Leiden University

Sturm Lecture

* hosted by Astronomy, 8:00pm, Ring Family Performing Arts Hall

Apr 19

Brian Stewart


Brian Stewart's Eleventh Annual Earth Week Rant

May 3

Gregory Harry

American University

Bertman Lecture - Gravitational Astrophysics, the Opening of  a New Field