Physics Colloquia Schedule, Fall 1994

  • 9/15/94 Dr. Andy Kortyna, Ph.D. '93
    Physics Department, Hobart and Smith Colleges
    "The Effect of Nuclear Motion on Electron-Molecule Collisions"
  • 9/22/94 Professor Ron Mickens
    Physics Department, Clark Alanta University
    "Numerical Integration of Schröder Type Differential Equations"
  • 9/29/94 Dr. Ben Sauer '85
    Physics Department, Yale University
    "Testing Time Reversal Symmetry Using Molecules"
  • 10/6/94 Professor Mark Marshall
    Chemistry Department, Amherst College
    "A Quantum Paradox: Rotating Molecules That Always Point in the Same Direction"
  • 10/13/94 Dr. Ed Deluca '79
    Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
    "The Generation of Magnetic Fields in Turbulent Fluids"
  • 10/20/94 Professor Philip Mannheim
    Physics Department, University of Connecticut
    "Conformal Gravity and Newton's Law"
  • 10/27/94 Professor Harvey Gould
    Physics Department, Clark University
    "What is a Glass"
  • 11/3/94 Dr. Kara Beauchamp
    Physics Department, University of Chicago
    "Locking Out Resistance from High Temperature Superconductors"
  • 11/10/94 Professor Martin Weinberg
    Physics Department, University of Massachusetts
    "The Dynamic Galaxy"
  • 11/17/94 Dr. John Larese, Ph.D. '82
    Brookhaven National Lab
    to be announced
  • 12/1/94 Professor David Warland
    Biology Department, Harvard University
    "Decoding Neural Signals from the Retina"