Physics Colloquium Schedule, Fall 1995

All talks will be held on Thursday, except where noted, at 4:30 P.M. in Room 58 Science Tower with refreshments at 4:10 P.M., Room 58 (Foyer) Science Tower.
  • 9/21/95 Dr. Lamer Lynds (Photonics Research Center, Uconn) "Putting Light to Work"
  • 10/5/95 Prof. Anthony P. French Physics, MIT "Using Physics History in the Classroom"
  • 10/12/95 Prof. Steve Ritz '81 (Physics, Columbia) "Looking Deeply Inside Protons"
  • 10/19/95 Prof. David Beveridge (Chemistry Department, Wesleyan University) "Recent Progress in the Studies of Molecular Dynamics of DNA and Protein DNA Interactions" (Joint with Chemical Physics and Molecular Biophysics Programs)
  • 10/26/95 Dr. Hossein Sadeghpour (Center for Astrophysics, Harvard Smithsonian) "Electron Correlation Effects in Atomic Physics"
  • 11/2/95 Dr. Ben Sternlieb '85 (Brookhaven National Lab)
  • 11/9/95 Prof. Amy Mullin (Chemistry, Boston University) "Hot Molecules in a Cool Bath"
  • 11/16/95 Prof. Charlie Schmuttenmaer (Chemistry, Yale University) "Femtosecond Time Domain Terahertz Studies of Liquids"
  • 11/30/95 Prof. Jeff Norman, Physics, Vassar "Physics and Applications Photorefractive Materials"
  • 12/7/95 Dr. Ashvin Chhabra (Vice President for Derivatives Research, Chemical Bank, New York) "Risky Business:The Science Behind Financial Derivatives" (Joint with Economics Department, Held in Room 001 PAC)