Colloquium Schedule, Fall 2007

All talks will be held on Thursday, except where noted, at 4:30 P.M. in Room 58 Exley Science Center with refreshments at 4:10 P.M., Room 58 (Foyer) Exley Science Center.




20th Prof. Tomaz Prosen
Department of Physics,
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Title: Quantum chaos in systems of many particles
27th Professor Doron Cohen,
Department of Physics
University of the Negev Israel.
Energy absorption and the conductance of small mesoscopic rings
4th Steve Renwick, Ph.D. '92
Principal Engineer, Advanced Technology Dept.
Nikon Precision, Inc
Big Lenses and
Small Features: Industrial Physics in Semiconductor Lithography
11th Reinhold Blumel
Wesleyan Physics Department
 Chair's Colloquium
18th   Richard M. Stratt
Department of Chemistry
Brown University
Lasting Lessons from Landscapes: The Origins of Slow Dynamics in Liquids.
25th Tom Keyes
Theoretical and Computational Biochemistry,
Boston University
Getting results you thought were quantum mechanical with classical polarization: IR spectra, vibrational Stark effect, ligand binding and water properties
8th Antonio Politi
Director of Institute of Complex Systems
Florence, Italy
“Synchronization Transitions in Cold Atoms” 
15th Dr. Sheng Zhang
Department of Physics
Queens College, CUNY
Speckle patterns of waves propagating through random media
22nd Thankgiving
6th Bill Herbst
Astronomy Department
Wesleyan University
Reflection from Sand in the Terrestrial Planet Formation Zone of a Protoplanetary Disk

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