Research Frontiers Seminar

Fall 2014

This course meets Fridays, 2.40 - 4.00 pm in Exley 109 with Dr. Francis Starr

Date Presenters Title Reading
Jan 23 Meredith Hughes Planet Formation through Radio Eyes
Jan 30 Barbara Juhasz Psychology / NS&B
Feb. 6 Gloster Aaron Directionality of seizure propagation across the corpus callosum
Feb 13 David Beveridge Chemistry
Feb 20 Karen Collins Mathematics
Feb 27 TBA
Mar 6 No class Happy Spring Break
Mar 27 Christina Othon Physics
Apr 3 Michael Calter Self-Replicating Systems without DNA?
Apr 10 Robert Lane Not all of biology is determined by the genome: randomness in the establishment of a thousand different neuronal identities of the nose
Apr 17 Danny Krizanc and Fred Cohan Computer Science / Biology
Apr 24

Tsampikos Kottos

May 1 Amy MacQueen Reproduction Wrecks Your Genome